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When you visit Dr. Schlessinger, you will be in the best hands for one of your most important assets - your appearance! Dr. Schlessinger's expertise has won him the Best Omaha Cosmetic Surgeon award for more than 14 years. In addition, he has won the metro's Best Dermatologist award since it began. Dr. Schlessinger can provide unique, cutting-edge solutions for all your skin care needs because you deserve the best when it comes to your appearance.

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Learn more about acne, eczema, moles, psoriasis, rosacea, skin cancer, toenail fungus, warts and much more!

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When you choose a dermatologist, whether for general skin care or for your cosmetic surgery needs, you want and deserve the best. Dr. Joel Schlessinger will work with you to regain and retain skin health. He provides expert solutions uniquely tailored for your skin.

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Expertise of Dr. Joel Schlessinger:

Voted one of America's Top Docs and Best Doctors in America, Omaha has consistently voted him as the best cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist; for 15+ years now, he's also been named the best cosmetic surgeon in Omaha and best dermatologist.

Dr. Schlessinger is board-certified in dermatology, cosmetic dermatologic surgery and pediatrics. Each year, he hosts the Cosmetic Surgery Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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He tweets, he posts, he gives advice. All in a day's work! Connect with Dr. Joel Schlessinger to learn what you need to know about clinical trials, the newest and best skin care products and the latest cosmetic procedures.

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