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Special Event: Heliocare at LovelySkin

Heliocare at LovelySkin

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Video Transcript

N: Hello everyone, I am Natasha and today I have with me Ann and Betsy who are with us from Ferndale who is the maker of this fantastic product that we love here at LovelySkin called HELIOCARE. So ladies, welcome, thank you for being here.

A: Thanks for having us.

N: So talk to me a little bit about the technology behind HELIOCARE because most people do not think sunscreen in a pill, they think sunscreen in a spray or in a cream so how does this work?

B: Well HELIOCARE is derived from a fern called Polypodium Leucotomos extract, it’s a potent antioxidant that helps mop up free radicals which can be caused by UV damage from the sun.

N: Okay so translate that.

A: So it’s not to be used just as itself, you still need to use sunscreen. All of us put sunscreen on every day, or we should, but do we put it on frequently enough and enough of it – a shot glass every two hours you know. So it’s really important to supplement that sunscreen, not to replace it, it’s to add added benefits.

N: Right. Now one thing that I think is really important is one, to understand that a lot of people sit in an office all day or maybe they drive in a car, they have a very long commute and they don’t think about the fact that UV rays are coming through the glass. So we’re often very much more exposed than we think we are and I know I am very conscientious of wearing sunscreen and I don’t put sunscreen on every single day, every two hours you know of the day. So HELIOCARE is a great add for me because there’s this constant sort of underlying sun care at work where I don’t really even have to think about it.

A: Right, exactly and that’s what’s so great about it and most people don’t think about UV all year round. They think about it when they go to the beach, when they’re running, when they’re jogging and so forth. But UVA, the ‘A’ stands for really it’s aging and we do get that, through the windows right now we’re receiving it, when you drive your car when you walk.

N: Right.

A: Middle of winter, middle of summer.

N: Is this something that I need to use every day or is this a sort of add-on, I mean how does a person add HELIOCARE into their regimen?

B: Well ideally you would use it every day so it’s important to protect yourself every single day so you would take one in the morning. It can also be used on an ad hoc basis if you are going outside, so if you do have a prolonged sun exposure you can take one a half hour before you go out and still receive some protection.

N: Okay, nice. Now HELIOCARE is not designated as an anti-aging product but if you’re protecting yourself from the sun, then you are protecting yourself from aging so it really is an anti-aging product in that you don’t get that damage right?

A: Right because the sun ages us more than anything else and if you’re protecting yourself from the sun, you are protecting yourself from aging.

N: Well thank you very much ladies. We appreciate having you here.

A: Thank you for having us.

N: Oh it’s our pleasure. So if you have any questions, feel free to check out the website there’s a lot of information there, call our Customer Care team or you can chat, you can email, we’ve got all kinds of ways you can reach us but we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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