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Quasar MD Plus Wrinkle Reducing Therapy
Jun 29, 2018

Of all the facial products I’ve ever purchased, this one has made the biggest difference. It keeps crow's feet from forming if you use it religiously.

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Baby Quasar Plus Wrinkle Reducing Therapy
Best at-home light machine
Jul 26, 2018

I love the power this unit offers with its four wavelengths of light to deeply penetrate the skin. I see improvements in overall texture and tone as well as anti-inflammatory results in speeding up the healing of acne and reducing hyperpigmentation. Plus, it has a lifetime warranty which cannot be beat. Highly recommend.

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Baby Quasar Clear Rayz Anti Acne
Consistency is key!
Nov 12, 2015

You have to be consistent and use regularly! It is a great product if you have many pimples or battling with more than one pimple here or there because if you treat where there is no acne it can cause new acne to form, or cause the oil under your skin to rise. If you do not have a lot of pimples I would not recommend this for you or I would recommend you only treat problem areas not the entire face. If you choose to start you have to be consistent. If you stop and start again it can cause the... more

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Baby Quasar Baby Blue Anti Acne Light Therapy
Thumbs up to light therapy
Oct 18, 2017

I like using blue and red light therapy to treat my problematic skin. At the time, this wand was helpful and a good idea. It was so expensive though! I used it for a long time. Now, I've found that it is much easier to use the light therapy mask. The mask I have is blue and red light. It is so easy to use, convenient, and affordable. The wand may be useful possibly if you want to spot treat, but for acne-prone skin or whole face use, I think I like the mask option more.

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Baby Quasar Pure Rayz for HIM - Reflecting
verdict is out
Jan 12, 2017

Haven't had enough time to use it as often as recommended. Easy enough to use. Putting on a serum after washing your face definitely makes it easier to use. It is kind of hard to use if you wear the goggles with the strap. I still wear the goggles but without the elastic strap. Hope to be able to use it more soon.

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