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LovelySkin Blog Update - August 18, 2015

LovelySkin Blog Update - August 18, 2015

Watch as Candise and Natasha tell you what's happening on the LovelySkin blog this week.

Video Transcript

N: Hi everybody! I'm Natasha.


C: And I'm Candise. Welcome back, guys. So, this week we are featuring 20% off our lighteners and brighteners. These are great products and solutions to use for that kind of summer sun damage, things that seem to be coming up to the surface. These are going to be great products to help even that skin tone back out. 

N: Absolutely. We are also taking a look at moisturizers for oily skin types. I know a lot of people think that when you produce a lot of oil that means you don't need to moisturize because you have too much going on. It's exactly the opposite. That means your skin really needs extra balance. So we're featuring moisturizers that will help you restore that balance so that it reduces the amount of oil you produce. Take a look at those. 

C: Exactly. Also guys, because there are so many different brands, so many different products and also lots of different ingredients, there's several ingredients you shouldn't mix. Probably the biggest one that I have to tell a lot of people is don't mix your glycolics with your retinols or Retin-A. Starting there, we actually have a really great blog recommending the do's and don'ts, what you can't mix together to cause inflammation or irritation in the skin. And also, Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends that if you have any questions, don't fail to ask your dermatologist about those regimens and ingredients and everything, too.

N: Absolutely. And you can always call our Customer Care Team, too, and they'll do their best to answer and direct you in the right direction. Direct you in the right direction? Move you in the right direction, point you in the right direction, whatever. Right? And lastly, we are actually  really very interested in doing these really cool blog tutorials. So we're interested in seeing what kinds of things you guys want to see. Do you want to know about eye makeup? Do you want to know about lips, contouring? What are you into? So comment down below. Let us know what kinds of videos and tutorials you want to see, and we'll go from there. One lucky winner is going to win this Revision D-E-J Eye Cream. This stuff is awesome. They came out with it last year, maybe it was even early this year. Love, love, love it. It's really nice, hydrating, good for all skin types, so check it out.

C: It is one of those very rare 360 degree eye creams, so you can actually put it all the way around the eyes to include the crepiness for the eyelids, too. So, very good eye cream, guys.

N: Really good stuff. So, we hope to hear from you soon. Thanks! 

C: Thank you! 


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