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LovelySkin Blog Update - July 28, 2015

LovelySkin Blog Update - July 28, 2015

Discover what we're talking about on our blog with our update video.

Video Transcript

N: Okay! Presents, Hide and Go Seek and You’re in Time-out.

C: Hi guys! Welcome back to this weekly blog update. My name is Candise.

N: And I’m Natasha.

C: Alright, so this week on the website we are featuring our Christmas in July Sale. It’s always a good time for presents! It’s 22 percent off most brands. Now we have a video this week that our aesthetician, Kristen, is featured in and it’s talking about concealers. Concealers now are not just made for covering blemishes. You can actually use it for highlighting, covering those blemishes, covering tattoos .  . . So many other great ways to use them and also a great tutorial video on our website at, so be sure you check that out.

N: Nice. And we also have this week on our blog featuring different things that we do to our skin to kind of screw it up so, you know, smoking, drinking, not sleeping enough, traveling, those kinds of things so we’ve got all that kind of stuff on the blog so you can learn about them. But we also want to hear from you! We want to find out if you’re willing to admit what your bad habits are, like maybe you don’t take your makeup off and that leaves your face inflamed the next day, something like that. Anyone who is willing to share is going to be entered into a contest to win this, this is our EltaMD Barrier Renewal Complex and it’s great for post-sun. It’s really good actually for any sort of, if you’re dry or red or even a little bit oily, it helps just really repair your skin. So it’s a really great product. So we look forward to hearing from you and we’ll talk to you soon.

C: Thanks guys!


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