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LovelySkin Update 3.13.15

LovelySkin Update 3.13.15

Watch the LovelySkin Weekly Update for March 13, 2015.

Video Transcript

NATASHA: Hello everybody! Welcome to the LovelySkin Weekly Blog Update. I’m Natasha Mohr.

CANDISE: And I’m Candise. This week, on our blog, we will be having 20 percent off most brands for St. Patrick’s Day through Monday, March 16, 2015, and a free gift when you spend $99 or more.

N: We also have a series on our blog this week. We’re debunking some beauty myths. One of the big ones is that drinking water is going to hydrate your skin.

C: Well, not just drinking water is going to hydrate your skin. Actually applying it topically is best. Water doesn’t make it all the way up to the surface of skin so you have to kind of meet it halfway with the proper moisturizer for your skin type, creams for the drier skin types and lotions or gels for combination to oily skin types.

N: Another one we want to talk about, especially with Spring Break coming up, is that when you are in the shade you are protected from UV rays. Unfortunately, that’s not true. You really have to be careful because if you think about when you walk out on a beach or you walk out on the concrete next to a patio, it’s always really, really bright and that’s because the light is reflecting off of the surface and bouncing back up at you. It’s bouncing off the water, or the sand or the concrete, so those are things to keep in mind. You really want to make sure you have your sunscreen, even when you’re in the shade.

C: Also, make sure you’re reapplying. If you’re actively outdoors, you need to be reapplying every 40 minutes if you have an SPF 30, and every 80 minutes if you have an SPF 50 or more.

N: Another thing—Spring Break, thinking about swimsuits, maybe going to the beach, coming up on summer—we finally have some nice weather here so we’re thinking about getting out the shorts and the dresses. Cellulite—I know it’s an ugly word, it’s ugly—

C: It’s a common occurrence.

N: —but almost everybody has it. So one of the things to think about is that a lot of people think that there are treatments that will completely banish it, and that’s a myth. You can’t actually get rid of cellulite. It exists under your skin and you can look at products and treatments that will help but they don’t actually eliminate it.

C: What these products are designed to do, as an example, if you had a floor full of balls and balloons and you were to lay a sheet right over top, that’s basically representing your skin on top of that cellulite. That’s what it’s going to look like. But these products are designed to—if you and a friend were to stand on either side of that sheet and pull it tight—these products, just like your friend doing that, are going to help tighten and smooth everything out. So, again, it’s not going to get rid of it but it helps to kind of smooth and tighten things out.

N: The other thing that we want to mention is that in our clinic there are treatments you can do that are in-office procedures if you have serious questions, but again they aren’t ever going to eliminate the problem, they’re just going to reduce the appearance.

C: That’s correct, yes.

N: There are so many more! We could go on and on so what we would recommend you do is check out the blog and look at the rest of the beauty myths we busted.  

C: Thanks for checking in and we’ll see you next week.


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