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LovelySkin Update 3.20.15

LovelySkin Update 3.20.15

Alcohol can really affect your skin -- and so can cleansing! Learn more from our weekly blog update.

Video Transcript

NATASHA: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the weekly blog update, I’m Natasha.

CANDISE: I’m Candise. And this week, we’re actually going to be touching and going on 20% off on highlighting and contouring products.

N: Yeah, there’s an awesome video. If you don’t know how to contour, like, I don’t, there’s a fantastic video you can check out with some wonderful techniques and it’s awesome. So definitely check that one out.

C: It’s that time of year, it’s starting to get warmer out, we just celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, so we’re going to be talking about alcohol and your skin. And it dehydrates your skin, so you’ll wake up in the morning just dry, lines and wrinkles are usually a little bit more apparent, more obvious. It can also lead to more red or blotchy skin, and bloated skin, especially. So you need to make sure you’re drinking water in between every alcoholic beverage. Never drink on an empty stomach and just, you know, as little as possible when it comes to that, especially if you want to keep that dewy, healthful glow to your skin. Hydration. We are not made of alcohol, we are made of water. [Laughs]

N: So one of the things to keep in mind is then, also, you were talking about cleansing, is making sure that you’re cleansing properly and Dr. Schlessinger was featured on lifehacker, talking about ways to cleanse and tools and things like that and things to keep in mind. One of the things that I know that I do is I often will wash my face in the shower in the morning. The problem is that if you keep your loofah in the shower, it can harbor bacteria and things like that. The same is true of washcloths, so Dr. Schlessinger’s recommendations were 1: if you are going to use a loofah, that you replace it every month and store it outside of the shower, so it doesn’t sit in that moist environment and get yeast and bacteria and mold and those kinds of things. And washcloths, they should be changed every single day, so find a color you like and get, like, a hundred of them. Just swap them out every day and that’s a great way to go. And that’s pretty much it. If you’re looking to step up your routine in the next week or so, we’re going to be featuring some fantastic steals and deals next week, so be looking for those. And that’s it. We’re signing out.

C: Alright, we’ll see you guys next time. Thank you.


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