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LovelySkin Update 3.27.15

LovelySkin Update 3.27.15

LovelySkin Blog Update

Video Transcript

NATASHA: Hello, everyone, welcome to the weekly LovelySkin blog update. I’m Natasha. And this week, we actually have our Buy More, Save More Sale where you can get 30% back in gift cards, which is awesome savings. We love awesome savings. I am very lucky this week to have Chrissy with me, who is not only a purchasing person here, but she is a product manager, and she does an awesome job. Okay, so one place we want to start is with brushes and things that come in contact with your face.

CHRISSY: Yes, so it is really important that you’re maintaining a cleaning regimen for your brushes because that really is the first step to healthy skin. We would recommend a gentle cleanse with a brush spray at least once a week to all of your brushes and then a deeper cleanse with lukewarm water and a brush shampoo once a month to get all of the buildup that happens out of the brush. You know, brushes are made with real hair, usually, generally, real animal hair, and so you do want to give them the same care that you would give your own hair.

N: One of the other things that we talk about when we talk about cleaning out things, like I know that I go into my cabinets and I get all the old stuff out and put new stuff in and that is for skin care, too, because there are expiration dates on things and things change in consistency over time. So do you have any tips on that for us?

C: Yep, you want to be sure that you are checking the expiration dates, especially as we get into spring and summer, maybe throwing out some of those sunscreens that you had left over from last year.

N: A lot of times you’ll get a date on a package, and is that for like, the life of the entire product, is that once you open it, is it--?

C: Sure, so there can be a little jar indicator on the back that will say, like 6M or 24M, and that indicates that the product is good for six months or for 24 months after the product has been opened.

N: Nice. And one of the things that some companies do and something that we do on our site, too, is that we have, there are little symbols that you can check. You know, it’s kind of like on your laundry, there’s a tag: cold water, hot water, whatever, it’s kind of the same thing. So we have some of those symbols on our site. So check out the blog and check out the site for that information. And I think with that, you guys should be ready for spring. Thanks, and we’ll see you next week.


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