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LovelySkin Update 3.6.15

LovelySkin Update 3.6.15

Check out the LovelySkin Weekly Update for March 6, 2015.

Video Transcript

NATASHA: Hi, I’m Natasha and welcome to the LovelySkin Blog update.

CANDISE: Hi, and I’m Candise. This week we are celebrating Spring Break and we’re also honoring 20% off right now at LovelySkin.

N: We love 20% off. So, some of the things you can save 20% off on this week are sunscreens, self-tanners, devices to get you ready for the beach, hair removal, we love that, it’s always good stuff.

C: Some of our top products that are on sale right now are, for example, our Obagi SPF 50 Matte, the sunscreen protection. Absolutely love this one.

N: Nice. You know what else goes really good if you’re a little uneven, you haven’t been in the sun for a while? The TanTowel Self-Tanners, awesome.

C: Well and also, some in those places, they get really hot and with the humidity and the heat, one of my favorites is the BareMinerals, it’s the tinted hydrating gel, it has an SPF of 30 for protection too, so it’s nice and lightweight.

N: Nice, and like I said earlier, hair removal? Huge. So we’ve got the illuminage touch on sale this week as well.

C: When you’re traveling, there’s another thing to remember, especially with all these products that you’re planning for, is the TSA regulations.

N: Of course, keep in mind that you’re going to want all of your products to be at least 3 ounces or less if you’re going on an airplane or anything like that. I hate it when they steal your products and it’s just a tiny bit over, so definitely check out the site, we’ve got a link here below that you can look at for products that are TSA-friendly, which makes life a little bit easier when you’re going through the lines.

C: Yeah, and make sure that, you know, keep in mind that it’s not just liquids, it’s also for gels and creams too.

N: Yeah, absolutely. Okay so some other things, we all know that traveling can be really hard on your skin, so it dries you out, makes you feel dehydrated, and sort of wrinkly and cracky looking, which I hate, I get that a lot –

C: Recycled air!

N: Absolutely! So there are a lot of great things to keep in mind as far as traveling and products that you can use.

C: You’ve got to remember from time to time that you’re going to need some products to help revive your skin, especially when you’re on the go. It’s good to have a few rescue products from your arsenal, I love mybody, it’s called Calm After the Storm Soothing Treatment, it helps to soothe your skin after days whether you’re in and out of the cold, it helps with sunburn, windburns, so if you’re skiing, or if you’re going to go waterskiing.

N: And then we also have, just that hydration thing, again, I pound that drum because it’s such a huge factor for me when I travel, but the Obagi Hydrate is an excellent moisturizer especially during winter, when you’re traveling to a warmer climate and then coming back to a drier climate or colder climate, or anything like that.

C: Also sometimes water changes can have an effect on your skin as well, so it’s important, we have this really great product developed by our own doctor, Dr. Joel Schlessinger and his son, it’s called the FixMySkin Healing Balm. It has 1% hydrocortisone, so it helps with any dry skin related issues, some of those tougher ones like eczema, psoriasis flare-ups, but it also helps with itching too so it’s great for mosquito bites in those warmer climates.

N: Love it. I actually keep that in my bag when I travel because it’s great for any kind of skin irritation, a burn or a bug bite, you know, any kind of thing like that, like you were saying. That’s a good one to keep. Anyway, that’s it! That’s our wrap-up for the week and if you have any questions, check out the blogs, the links are below and, we’ll see you next week!

C: Thank you!


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