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LovelySkin Update 5.18.15

LovelySkin Update 5.18.15

Check out the LovelySkin Weekly Update for May 18, 2015

Video Transcript

N: Hello everybody, and welcome to this week's LovelySkin blog update. I'm Natasha. 

C: And I'm Candise. Welcome back, guys. Well, what we're gonna be talking about this week and featuring is our 20% off for our Memorial Day Sale. As a result, whenever you purchase over $150 you can actually get the Obagi HydraFactor SPF 30 free. 

N: Nice.

C: $150, you get it free. It's great - hydrating and protecting all in one. It's got a nice, creamy texture, and it gives your skin an absolutely beautiful glow. 

N: Nice. Not greasy, which is good and what we always worry about.

C: Not greasy. It's very fresh.

N: Right on. Nice. The other thing to think about is we're trending beauty oils. I don't know what you guys know about these things but I love them. They're so practical. You can use them for lots of different things: hair, face, body, all over. We have this really great tutorial with one of our aestheticians here at LovelySkin to tell you how to use them. So definitely check out that blog, and then it's still Skin Cancer Awareness Month so be thinking about these things. We're going to be focused on this stuff all month long just to give you more education and to help you understand things even better than, hopefully, you already do.  

C: Yes. Now, as a result a lot of pepople are under the assumption that building a base tan is going to help protect your skin, but unfortunately, guys, a base tan is still considered sun damage. It's your skin's natural reaction to the sun, but it's not necessarily a positive reaction. So, there's no such thing as a safe tan. You know what I mean? But, as a result, the safest wway to protect your skin from the UV rays is by wearing a sunscreen every day.

N: All right. Okay. Sunscreens, we've talked a lot about them last week, but there are some other things you can do in addition to sunscreen to help protect yourself. So, if you want to comment below, you can tell us what else you do for sunscreens. Check out the blogs. There's some information there and some really cool products. And you could win this awesome litle beach bag from Dermalogica, a brand that we love here.

C: Sunglasses, lotion.

N: It's got three little pieces. Yeah, it's got all these little ditties to keep the sand out of the spots you don't want them in, at least for your stuff. So, there's that and thanks for watching. We'll see you next week.

C: Yeah, thanks guys. See you next time.


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