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LovelySkin Update 5.26.15

LovelySkin Update 5.26.15

Check out the LovelySkin Weekly Update for May 26, 2015

Video Transcript

N: Hello everybody welcome to this week’s LovelySkin Blog Update. I’m Natasha.

C: And I’m Candise, welcome back guys. So we are still currently featuring our Memorial Day Sale, 20% off most brands and there’s a few exclusive that are 25% off.

N: Awesome.

C: Also, if you checked out our video last week, we are still featuring some of the same free gifts as well.

N: Awesome, alright. This week on our blog we have a fantastic tutorial on how to shape your lips so if you think your lips are a little thin or maybe one’s a little fuller, one side’s a little fuller or something, it shows you how to do that and also some tricks for keeping your lipstick and your lip color on all day so check that video out for sure.

C: Yes. Now also we want to talk a little bit about hair today and healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. So you want to make sure that if you’re looking to maximize your hair, get thicker hair, more volume and just healthier hair altogether, make sure that you’re treating your scalp and there are treatments that we have available on our website for that. Also, remember shampoo is to help cleanse the scalp and conditioner is more for actually helping to condition the ends of the hair so from about the ponytail down typically. We do also have a really great supplement treatment, this is the Viviscal. This is really good for helping to really help regrow hair, get it stimulated again and get it thicker and everything too so really great treatment pack.

N: Nice. Yeah they have a really great product and actually if you have curly hair like mine, PhytoSpecific has a really great series of treatments so there’s a couple of brands. These are really nice so you should definitely check them out.

C: Yup.

N: And so one of the things that happens with your hair, one of the reasons you sometimes need a treatment is maybe you’re doing a lot to your hair so we have as one of our blogs this week, we have our three day “haircation” that we want you to maybe take the challenge and think about if you’re blow drying your hair a lot, flat ironing it, things like that, give yourself a little break to let it get healthy and prevent breakage and things like that as you go into the summer. So that’s something to think about right there.

C: Yeah and speaking of summer, guys tell us what your favorite way is to style your hair. We’d love to hear your comments so make sure you comment below. Let us know what kind of products, the best way you like to throw it up, if you’ve got some nifty ways to do so. By doing so you can actually enter to win a shampoo and conditioner, the HydraSynergy by TIGI.

N: Right and mostly we just want your ideas because we want to look cute this summer too so lend us some ideas and we’ll talk to you soon.

C: Alright thanks guys.


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