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LovelySkin Update 6.15.2015

LovelySkin Update 6.15.2015

Check out the LovelySkin Weekly Update for June 15, 2015

Video Transcript

NATASHA: Hi everybody, welcome to this week’s LovelySkin blog update. I’m Natasha.

CANDISE: And I’m Candise. Welcome back, guys. So this week we’re actually featuring 20% off select neck and décolletage products. A lot of people forget to treat this area in here when cleansing and also using products as well. And remember, this is just an extension of the face. A lot of products help to treat because it ages differently, too. And faster as well.

N: If you want to look younger, take care of this business. One of our blogs this week features how to achieve those cute beachy waves, you know, beachy hair. And what’s the technical term for this? Because I’ve never done this with this business that I have going on, but I talked to our content team and they actually tell me that even I can achieve these beachy waves. So I might be trying it here for you guys one of these days. We’ll let you know how it goes.

C: We’d love to see it!

N: But there’s a very cool how-to that Kristen has done for us this week on showing you how to do it. It’s very easy, from what I understand. I’ll let you know.

C: Now marking off of that, is the actual beach wave look. Now, a lot of that comes from salt water when you’re out on the beach and stuff like that, but salt water can actually do a lot of damage to the hair. Especially if you have colored hair, it can dry it, and it can also make it kind of frizzy and everything. So there’s lots of great products available online to cleanse the hair properly of the salts and everything.

N: And speaking of beach and salt and those kinds of things, the last thing we want to talk about this week is beach feet. Okay, we all know that in the winter, your feet can get a little rough and tumble if you’re not paying attention. And if you’re like me, when you wear sandals, my feet tend to actually be a little bit rougher and need a little more attention. So we’re featuring some things that will help you have beach-ready feet, including the Clarisonic, which is really awesome, and the NeoStrata Problem Dry. Love that stuff. You put it on, it helps exfoliate and soften, really really cool product. And we want to hear from you, we want to hear your comments and talk to us about the things that you take to the beach. So let us know, and one lucky winner is going to receive the Elta Barrier Renewal Complex. Awesome stuff. Elta’s products are absolutely beautiful, non-comedogenic, great for summer, so you’ll love this.

C: It’s got a great ceramide enzyme complex. It’s really great for smoothing, decreasing pore size, evening out the skin tone.

N: Love it. All great things. So let us hear from you. And we’ll see you next week.

C: Thanks, guys.


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