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LovelySkin Update 6.22.2015

LovelySkin Update 6.22.2015

Check out the LovelySkin Weekly Update for June 22, 2015

Video Transcript

NATASHA: Hey there, everybody. I’m Natasha, and welcome to this week’s LovelySkin blog update.

CANDISE: I’m Candise. Welcome back, guys. So this week we are featuring the Fourth of July up to 25% off most brands sale.

N: Second biggest of the year!

C: Yes it is! We actually have two great offers. When you spend over $99, you get two samples of the TEOXANE. It’s worth $20. And there’s also when you spend over $150, you actually get this awesome eight-piece sample set worth over $70.

N: Oh, nice. Seventy bucks, I like it. Alright, the other thing that has got everybody really excited around here the last couple weeks is that we have launched our LovelySkin LUXE product line, and we could not be more excited about this. This has been 18 months in the making. Dr. Schlessinger has been working with the formulator, our team has been working on design, and we’re really, really excited. If you’ve used our other LovelySkin products, you know they’re really great and we’ve been very proud of those. These are whole other level. So we have three of our six products that are available right now. The other three are coming, but we just couldn’t wait, so we wanted to tell you all about it. Two cleansers. One is our Clarifying Gel Cleanser and the other is the Gentle Cream Cleanser. They both have amazing formulations. The Gentle Cream Cleanser is sort of a “for everybody” formulation. So if you have dry skin, whatever, you can use this. Sensitive skin, etc. Thank you. And the Clarifying Gel Cleanser is if you tend to be a little bit more oily or you’re acne-prone. What’s fantastic about these formulations is that neither of them, including the Clarifying Gel Cleanser, makes your skin feel dry or stripped or any of those things. They both have a really lovely finish. The formulations and the ingredients in these things? Awesome. Absolutely love them. So the third product that has been launched is the Mattifying Antioxidant Moisturizer, right here. Amazing for summer. Yes, amazing for summer. There’s none of that sort of extra oiliness that you get, it’s great for all skin types. We love this, so please check them out. We’re super excited. We hope you’re as excited as we are, and we’ll bring the other three products to you as soon as they’re ready.

C: A few things to remember, too, guys, these products are paraben-free, gluten-free and plenty of peptides to help really strengthen that skin so it’s also very anti-aging, too.

N: Yes, yes, awesome stuff. And then what we want to do is we know a lot of people are contouring now.

C: So Kristen, one of our aestheticians, she did this fabulous video kind of demonstrating how to use the NuFACE as a contouring device that you can use at home. So it’s absolutely wonderful, our clients are loving it and I think there’s actually a free gift featuring some of their products.

N: Yeah, absolutely. The free gift that Candise is talking about is actually their nourishing serum. It’s a superfruit serum and it has grapes and apples and rose stem cells. This stuff is fantastic. It goes along very nicely with use of the NuFACE. But what we want to do is ask you what products you’re using, makeup products, in addition to your NuFACE, to get that nice little contoured look that we all love and have been working so hard on the last few months. It’s totally trending everywhere, so we want to know what you’re using. Answer down below and one lucky person’s going to win a prize. That’s it for this week. We thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time.

C: See you next time, guys. Thank you.

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