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LovelySkin Update 7.13.2015

LovelySkin Update 7.13.2015

Check out this week's LovelySkin Blog Update for July 13, 2015

Video Transcript

NATASHA: Hey everybody, welcome back. This is Natasha.

CANDISE: And I’m Candise. Welcome back guys.

N: It’s nice to see you. So this week, for our promotion, we are looking at skin rejuvenation products. So products that help your turn over cells and it’s anti-aging and it’s all kind of really great stuff. So we’ve got a video this week. Kristen’s going to be talking about some of our favorite products here at LovelySkin. Products both for day and for night because, really, your body’s doing different things at different times of the day. So the products are specific to that, so you should definitely check out that video, it’s really great.

C: So this is the time of year when a lot of us are doing a lot of traveling and a lot of us take flights just because it’s faster so we have more time with our friends and family. Now, dehydration can occur during flying, but what you can do is make sure you keep your skin properly hydrated during flying by making sure. Ggo on a flight without wearing makeup-- you’re not going to see any of these people again anyway. Also, reapplying a lightweight moisturizer midway through or even light hydration mist, and also check our blog for inflight tips that will help maintain that moisture while you’re traveling. And there’s so many great products out there that are really good for multipurpose because who wants to be working on your skin care and your makeup routine while you’re on vacation and you’re running around and having fun?

N: Make it easy.

C: Yes. Let’s make it easy. So lipstick can actually double as not only a lip color, but also a cheek color and eyeshadows can actually wear as an eyeliner, too. There’s a couple great products that I really love. One of them by jane iredale, this is her makeup on the go kit. This includes everything, anywhere from foundation to cheek colors, eye colors, lip colors, too, and also there is a really great lip balm here by Youngblood. It helps to double with the dehydration you might get from traveling but also has an SPF protection in there, too.

N: Love it. Love it. We are very interested as always in what you guys are doing and how you’re using your products and trimming down your skin care and makeup routine during the summer. So answer down below. We want to know how you’re making those adjustments. And one lucky winner is actually going to receive this travel set from Mychelle. And Mychelle is a brand that has, they’re an organic brand, all sort of natural products and really fantastic results. It’s a really great product for people who are really looking to minimize things. I think this is awesome. It includes two serums and a sunscreen, so check it out, let us know what you think and we’ll see you next time.

C: Thanks, guys.


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