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LovelySkin Update 7.20.2015

LovelySkin Update 7.20.2015

Check out this week's LovelySkin Blog Update for July 20, 2015

Video Transcript

NATASHA: Strobing, skinmplicity and ironing. Welcome to the weekly blog update, everybody. I’m Natasha.

CANDISE: And I’m Candise. Welcome back, guys.

N: Alright, so this week, you’ll see in our email and on our website that we’re featuring our staff favorites. We like to check in with our people around the office and see what they’re using in the summer, so definitely check out that list for some wonderful, wonderful product recommendations.

C: Awesome. This week we’re actually going to be featuring in one of our videos, Kristen, one of our aestheticians. She is touching on strobing. Instead of doing the contouring with like, bronzer, you’re going to be doing more highlighting, using blush and then highlighters and stuff like that. So it’s a little bit easier, I think, and it gives your skin kind of a very natural, dewy look.

N: Nice, and kind of a little bit easier to do in the summer because people tend to have a little bit more color in their face already.

C: Correct.

N: Perfect. Okay, good. And we were also talking about because it is summer, and people’s skin care routines change a little bit, we’re talking about keeping it simple, but still maintaining a routine that keeps your skin healthy over the summer. So skinplicity, there’s where that comes in.

C: Alright, we’re also going to talk about best treatment for every wrinkle. Your skin ages a little differently in different areas of the face. We create lined foreheads and then we start to lose loss of volume in the lower mouth. So there’s actually different wrinkle treatments out there that you’ll be able to find at that will actually tell you and help you address those specific wrinkles, crow’s feet, smile lines, the frown lines and everything.

N: Okay. So in honor of our staff favorites this week, we want to know what your favorite products are. So you can comment down below, and one lucky winner is going to win a LovelySkin Vita-Soothe. This product is fantastic, we love it around here, it does a lot of different things as far as anti-aging and there’s hydration and moisturizing in this, too. So really nice thing to add to your summer routine. So that’s it. We’re keeping it skinmple. Skinmple? We’re keeping it skinmple. Alright, we’ll see you next week.

C: Thanks, guys.


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- July 31, 2015

I love the Dermesse Cream Cleanser. It leaves my skin soft and supple and it has a delicate fragrance. My very favorite is the Colorescience Sunforgettable sunscreen brush. I carry it everywhere to get protection from the sun every two hours. To me its the most important part of keeping my skin healthy.


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