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AFA Exfoliating Gel - Max
I found my silver bullet
Dec 11, 2018

One is always looking for a perfect solution to one's problem. Kind of a "silver bullet." I found mine some 24 years ago in AFAs gel. I am now 80 years old, and no one ever can guess my age. I look in my sixties. I started using it when I've seen it displayed at my dermatologist's reception, and graduated throughout the time to 19% strength. Mine is part of the morning routine, and I wear it under a sunscreen. There are other products on the market promoting to do the same as AFA, but this... more

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AFA Exfoliating Gel - Mild
Favorite product for back acne
Aug 29, 2011

I have mild back acne, its mostly blackheads but every so often I will get a pimple or two. I tried this product because it had Amino Fruit Acid in it and had been using a product before this which had Amino fruit acid. I love this product because not only does it clear up the pimples on my back but softens the blackheads so they are easy to extract and the few scars I had had on my back from having pimples before on my back are much lighter and less noticeable now. This Product is GREAT.

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AFA Exfoliating Gel - Plus
Acne prone skin
Feb 02, 2010

Thanks to my dermatologist, I am now using this product and it works to keep my skin clear.

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