COVID-19 updates from Dr. Joel Schlessinger: Telemedicine, Latisse, Retin-A, Obagi NuDerm and more

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COVID-19 updates from Dr. Joel Schlessinger: Telemedicine, Latisse, Retin-A, Obagi NuDerm and more

COVID-19 updates from Dr. Joel Schlessinger: Telemedicine, Latisse, Retin-A, Obagi NuDerm and more

Dear LovelySkin customers and patients,

As the pandemic enters its second month, I wanted to, first and foremost, tell all of you to hang in there! This battle is going to be won based on how we treat ourselves, and by extension, how we treat others during this crisis. By this I mean that those of us who have not had COVID-19 will depend on those who have had it or are currently at risk to keep us safe. Our fate is in your hands. We are fortunate that the curve seems to be flattening to some degree and the worst may be over or close to over.

As a practical matter, I want to let all of you know that we want to be of help to you not only for your skincare needs, but also as a source for telemedicine should you not have access to your dermatologist. I want to add that many other dermatologists ARE offering telemedicine for their patients and many (including myself) are working with urgent or emergency patients should the need arise. Please find out if your dermatologist is offering telemedicine now and, if they are, I strongly encourage you to use their services and not mine as they are likely struggling to keep staff employed. But, if your dermatologist is not offering telemedicine appointments, my two PAs and I can help out. After the crisis is over, we fully expect you to go back to your dermatologist, but we hope to help during this unprecedented time.

For those of you who need refills on Latisse, Retin-A, Obagi NuDerm or Obagi-C prescription products, we would be pleased to help out here as well with free 'televisits' for those desiring these medications. We would first create a 'patient chart' for you, which is done when you book online, and I would meet you via video and 'prescribe' it for you. It's very simple and convenient! Your prescription is filled at our office and is promptly mailed to you with free shipping so that it arrives at your door in a matter of days! Once again, these appointments can be set up via

LovelySkin nurses modeling face masks

Jillian B. (left), one of our amazing nurses, has sewn over 25 masks for our staff.

She and Lexi E. (right) are modeling them!

We continue to take every safety precaution with our staff and with patients who we see, and are hoping that the good news we are seeing regarding flattening of the curve in major areas continues. For those of you who are in difficult or dangerous situations, we hope you see some relief with time and continue to play it safe. This means (and I will continue to state this unequivocally) masks and gloves if you are in a public place such as a store, social distancing and avoidance of any situations where you might be close to other individuals.

I hope that each of you have a safe week ahead!

Dr. Joel Schlessinger Signature

Joel Schlessinger, M.D.

Board-Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon

CEO of LovelySkin


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