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Natural and Organic Beauty Brands We Love for Earth Day

Natural and Organic Beauty Brands We Love for Earth Day

Each year, on April 22, Earth lovers come together to raise awareness for the importance of sustainable practices via recycling, clean energy, and more. Here at LovelySkin, we love the Earth and green beauty and believe that your beauty regimen should love your skin as well as the environment. Revamp your beauty routine with some of our favorite brands and products that will help you feel beautiful while keeping Mother Nature in mind.

How to Go Natural with Your Skin Care

Going natural with your skin care is a lot easier than it seems. A lot of products we love already have green ingredients! Here are some of our favorite natural products:

LovelySkin LUXE Microdermabrasion Polish with Triple Sphere Technology:

Gently and effectively exfoliate skin with fossilized algae, called diatomaceous spheres, which occur naturally in the environment. This power-packed polish uses orange extract to improve microcirculation and reduce inflammation, shea butter to protect and nourish, and caper floral bud extract to soothe and calm skin, leaving it feeling more radiant.

LovelySkin LUXE Microdermabrasion Polish with Triple Sphere Technology

About the Brand: Recently, LovelySkin reformed its packing procedures to utilize recyclable packing paper in addition to all of our recyclable shipping containers. We are always taking steps to better ourselves and the environment, and this LUXE formula is no different—it was formulated without plastic microbeads that are harmful to the environment to use only biodegradable ingredients.

Kerstin Florian Correcting Serum C+ Infusion:

This highly potent serum uses active vitamin C to firm, tone and brighten skin with other powerful botanicals and amino acids. Featuring algae extract and bitter orange to soothe skin and reduce inflammation, this serum will help enhance the structure of skin by helping regenerate connective tissues.

Kerstin Florian Correcting Serum C+ Infusion

About the Brand: Kerstin Florian’s mission is to promote wellness through the power of nature. Not only does Kerstin Florian recycle and conserve, but they’ve also planted a 2,000-tree forest in Turkey, called the Charlene Florian Forest, to oxygenate the planet and raise awareness about caring for the Earth.

Phytomer Souffle Marin Energizing Oxygenating Serum:

This lightweight, refreshing serum awakens skin’s natural defense system and reduces impurities to brighten skin. Armeria Maritima, a marine flower, neutralizes skin pollution while oxygenol helps oxygenate the skin to strengthen and purify.

Phytomer Souffle Marin Energizing Oxygenating Serum

About the Brand: Phytomer believes in the power of plants and the sea. They use biotechnology to formulate their products instead of taking the ingredients from the environment, and they develop their own marine ingredients on site. In addition, they create all products in house, which reduces environmental impact.

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer:

Moisturize and protect in one easy-to-use SPF moisturizer with this lightweight formula that features antioxidant-rich grape and pomegranate juice to protect skin and soothing aloe vera to hydrate and heal. Designed for oily, combination, or blemish-prone skin types, this super-powered SPF also uses sodium hyaluronate sourced from plants to hydrate and plump skin.

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer

About the Brand: Juice Beauty uses solar and wind power at their facilities and sources their ingredients locally. In addition, they create all products without the use of harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizer that may cause to harm the environment.

Find the Best Natural Makeup for Your Skin Type

Natural beauty products are on the rise, and makeup is no exception. These products use natural ingredients to provide protection and blur skin imperfections so you can apply your makeup without having to worry about the environment.

Repechage Perfect Skin Perfecting Concealer:

Create natural beauty with this glide-on concealer stick that easily blends to create smoother, more even skin. This simple, yet effective formula uses seaweed extract to condition, cucumber to soothe, and vitamin E to hydrate.

Repechage Perfect Skin Perfecting Concealer

About the Brand: Repechage uses a sustainably sourced, pure and exclusive seaweed filtrate that is developed via a unique proprietary method that helps the seaweed maintain its properties once it has been changed to a liquid form. When they harvest, they do so with the help of scientists and aquaculturists to ensure that they don’t disrupt the integrity of the environment.

Eminence Organics Sun Defense Minerals SPF 30:

The best natural skin care comes from ingredients that protect skin, and this mineral powder is no exception. It provides UVA/UVB protection with micronized zinc oxide and nourishes and heals with fruit extracts and vitamin E and A. This hypoallergenic, water-resistant powder can be used to set, bronze, or highlight skin in a convenient and easy to use self-dispensing brush.

Eminence Organics Sun Defense Minerals SPF 30

About the Brand: Eminence Organics grows their own ingredients and formulates their products by hand, which limits harmful emissions to the environment. In addition, they plant a tree in a developed country for every Eminence product sold. As of November 2017, they’ve planted over 9 million trees!

Treat Your Hair with Natural Hair Products

Natural beauty products don’t begin and end with skin care and makeup. You can care for and style your hair with natural products, too!

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – Non-Aerosol:

Whether you’re choosing second-day hair to save water or to save yourself some time, this eco-friendly dry shampoo is a must-have. The gentle, long-lasting formula adds lightweight volume and texture and blends in easily to leave hair feeling rejuvenated without the use of sulfates, parabens, silicones or sodium chloride.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Non-Aerosol

Pro-Tip: Gently squeeze the bottle to dispense the product. A hard squeeze can dispense too much, which may make it difficult to blend it in.

About the Brand: Klorane believes in the benefits that plants can offer to health and beauty. They sustainably package all their products and grow their own ingredients to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, they founded the Klorane Botanical Foundation, which believes in protecting, exploring, and educating others about the environment. Check out more of Klorane’s hair care products at LovelySkin.

Green beauty is important to us at LovelySkin. We believe that natural beauty can be achieved with sustainable practices, and by adding just one sustainable product to your regimen, you can make an impact.

Do you prefer natural and organic products that are cruelty-free? Check out our blog on vegan cosmetics!

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