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The Best Beard Grooming Tips for Beards of All Types

Shaving vs. Maintaining Your Movember Beard

Whether you choose to go bare or bearded, your grooming routine is more important than ever during the dry, cold winter months.

Your regimen can depend heavily on your facial hair preference, and harsh winter conditions pose a threat to both beards and the skin beneath.

As you know, LovelySkin offers a variety of dermatologist-approved and hand-selected skin care and grooming products to keep you (and your beard) looking dapper and fresh.

Read on to learn more about how you can keep your skin smooth and facial hair sharp!

Step 1: Start with a Clean Canvas Using a Face Wash for Men.

The first step to maintaining healthy skin and facial hair is the most important: cleansing daily.

Doing so helps rid skin of dulling cells, debris, dirt and pollution from the air.

It also prevents breakouts, inflammation and irritation.

If you want to maintain a beard but prefer to keep your routine simple, Jack Black All-Over Wash for Face, Hair & Body is the solution! Here’s why:

  • Using typical body soaps or shampoos can rob facial hair of much-needed oil
  • The formula is pH balanced to gently cleanse skin and hair without stripping them of moisture
  • Sea kelp, jojoba, Pro-Vitamin B5 and shea butter keep skin and hair hydrated

Jack Black All-Over Wash for Face, Hair and Body. Men's Cleanser. Men's skin care.

For clean-shaven men looking to take cleansing to the next level, the FOREO Luna 2 for MEN facial cleansing device provides a more effective cleanse without any extra effort. Here’s why we love it:

  • The T-Sonic device purifies pores and sloughs off dull skin
  • Smooths stubble for a more comfortable shave
  • Takes no more than two minutes to beat razor burn and rid skin of 99.5% of debris
  • Makes regular maintenance easier when touching up your neckline and regrowth on the cheeks

FOREO Luna 2 for MEN. Men's Cleanser. Men's skin care.

PRO TIP: Pair your FOREO with a clarifying cleanser to keep razor bumps at bay! Dr. Joel Schlessinger, board-certified dermatologist and LovelySkin CEO, recommends the LovelySkin LUXE Clarifying Gel Cleanser because it contains 2% salicylic and glycolic acids to gently exfoliate and soften skin while a patented ingredient called afaLUXE™ improves moisture retention.

Step 2. Shave and Trim as Needed.

Regardless if you’re keeping your beard or not, maintenance is required.

If left to its own devices, facial hair can become unruly, but regular trims and touch-ups will keep it looking shapely and handsome.

To achieve the perfect shave, use a quality tool.

The Art of Shaving Morris Park Collection Fusion Razor features an easy-to-maneuver handle, allowing for complete control.

Plus, it is comes equipped with a Gillette 5 Blade Razor to ensure a smooth shave every time.

The Art of Shaving Morris Park Collection Fusion Razor. Men's Skin Care Tools. Men's Razor.

PRO TIP: Understanding how to trim your beard for your face shape can be troublesome for beginners. To find your natural neckline and prevent the unsightly neckbeard look, try this:

  • Place two fingers horizontally above your Adam’s apple.
  • Starting there, apply shaving cream or gel in a curved line from ear to ear.
  • Shave everything below this line.

At this point, you’ve already taken the necessary steps to experience a luxurious shave. Why settle for a subpar shaving product?

If you’re ready for a full shave, try Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula.

The coconut-derived cream supplies a rich lather and prevents redness and irritation.

Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula. Men's shaving cream. Men's shaving products. Men's grooming products.

If you’d prefer to trim and define your style, however, employ a shave product that allows for precise application like the ELEMIS Skin Soothe Shave Gel.

Due to its light, foamy texture (instead of the standard, opaque white of shaving cream), it’s perfect for tidying up your neckline or fashioning facial hair into a variety of styles.

This aloe vera-based gel contains chamomile and micro-capsules of marine extracts to calm and hydrate skin throughout your shave.

ELEMIS Skin Soothe Shave Gel. Men's shaving products. Men's grooming products.

Step 3. Bearded or Not, Don’t Skip Hydration.

Winter weather is notorious for damaging skin and sapping essential moisture, which is why your skin (and beard!) need help to withstand the elements.

Whether your face is bearded or bare, you can benefit from adding a facial oil to your routine.

The right beard oil can separate a well-groomed beard from an unkempt one, as the best beard oils help with:

  • Nourishing skin and hair
  • Softening hair
  • Adding shine
  • Preventing tangling
  • Reducing itchiness and irritation

Enter Jack Black’s MP 10 Nourishing Oil, a multitasking moisturizer for face, body and hair.

The nutritive treatment contains essential ingredients for beard and skin health, like jojoba and argan oil.

Plus, it can be used pre-shave to soften skin and hair for a closer, smoother shave or as a finish to keep your beard looking dapper throughout the day!

Jack Black MP 10 Nourishing Oil. Beard Oil. What is Beard Oil Used for. Men's Products.

PRO TIP: Beard oils are one of the only products lightweight enough to reach the skin beneath the beard. If you’re rocking a full beard and your skin starts to feel parched, spray your face and beard with a mineral-rich facial mist (like Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water) and brush it through with a beard comb before applying your beard oil. This will help evenly distribute the products and allow them to penetrate more effectively!

If you prefer stubble or a smooth shave, however, we recommend SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifer Serum.

Designed to smooth, firm and improve skin’s texture, this potent serum contains pure hyaluronic acid to nourish while improving skin’s natural moisture levels.

SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier Serum. Moisturizer for Men. Men's Skin Care Products. Serum for men.

Is your beard a late bloomer? Check out our tips on how to grow a better beard. Leave us a comment, and let us know your favorite products for achieving a clean shave or maintaining facial hair.

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