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What Should I Replace My Clarisonic Face Cleansing Brush With?

What Should I Replace My Clarisonic Face Cleansing Brush With?

As of September 30th, 2020, Clarisonic has ceased operations. For devoted Clarisonic device users, this news has most likely put a wrench in your daily regimen. While previously purchased Clarisonic devices will still work, you can no longer purchase new brush heads, and if your Clarisonic device becomes unusable, you can’t replace it. Fortunately, LovelySkin offers a range of comparable face cleansing devices that not only provide the benefits of a great Clarisonic cleanse but also feature additional benefits like anti-aging, massaging and gentler exfoliation.

What are the benefits of a face cleansing brush?

Clarisonic revolutionized the skin care industry by offering the first face cleansing brush system. This device uses nylon bristles and patented sonic vibrations to cleanse skin up to six times better than with hands alone. Today, there are many cleansing device options to choose from. Considered one of the top skin care devices our customers love, face cleansing brushes can be paired with your favorite cleanser to remove dirt, debris and makeup easier and more effectively than ever.

In addition, these devices exfoliate dead skin cells that clog pores and congest your complexion. Upon the first use, here are some of the benefits you can experience with a facial cleansing brush:

  • Skin is immediately smoother, brighter and more radiant.
  • Absorption of your treatment serums and moisturizers is increased.
  • Large pores and fine lines appear reduced.

As skin care research progressed, face cleansing brushes became equipped with additional anti-aging benefits. We checked in with Dr. Joel Schlessinger, a board-certified dermatologist and LovelySkin CEO, to get his take.

One of the things I love most about newer facial cleansing brushes is that many are made with more hygienic silicone. Not only is silicone gentler than the potentially abrasive nylon bristle brushes, but it’s easier to clean and keeps bacteria off the face.

If you are looking for a Clarisonic replacement, the FOREO Luna 3 is one of our favorite facial cleansing brushes because it uses upgraded T-sonic pulsations to deep clean your complexion. Flip it over and give your skin a firming massage that temporarily lifts and plumps. Plus, because it’s made of silicone, you don’t have to deal with replacing brush heads. This device is also considered to be 35x more hygienic than a traditional face cleansing brush. What does that mean for skin? It means a truly purified complexion free of pore-clogging and blemish-creating bacteria.

Face Cleansing Brush. FOREO Luna 3

Who should use an exfoliating brush for the face?

In short—everyone! Yes, that means even those with sensitive skin. Newer, more advanced exfoliating and cleansing brushes are designed to be gentler on the skin. Plus, they do so much more than simply cleanse the skin and all skin types can experience benefits. Many devices come in more compact packages, like the FOREO fofo Smart Facial Cleansing Brush, making them easy for travel. Like the larger FOREO devices, this device uses T-Sonic pulsations and hygienic silicone to thoroughly cleanse the skin while minimizing pores and exfoliating skin. As an upgrade, this device uses Bluetooth technology and advanced 24k gold skin sensors to read your skin’s moisture levels. This allows you to truly customize your cleansing routine and create a sophisticated profile of your skin type.

Face Cleansing Brush. FOREO fofo Smart Facial Cleansing Brush

The PMD Clean Pro Gold is an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or those looking for more anti-aging benefits. This device is also made of ultra-hygienic silicone and uses 7,000 pulses per minute to cleanse the skin, while lifting, toning and firming. It features SonicGlow™ and ActiveWarmth™ heat therapy to warm the skin, increasing the absorption of anti-aging serums and treatments. A metal massager plated in 24k gold provides skin with anti-inflammatory benefits while boosting skin’s elasticity.

Face Cleansing Brush. PMD Clean Pro Gold

What can I use instead of Clarisonic?

The above skin care devices by FOREO and PMD make great replacements for your Clarisonic device. However, if you prefer the traditional nylon bristle face cleansing devices, we recommend the DDF Revolve PRO 500X Micro-Polishing System. Considered a cleansing and microdermabrasion device in one, this tool uses a revolving brush head to remove dirt, oil and debris to keep pores clear. Micro-crystals further exfoliate skin for a smooth, even complexion, similar to a professional microdermabrasion treatment.

Face Cleansing Brush. DDF Revolve PRO 500X Micro-Polishing System

If you have chronically congested skin, routinely deal with breakouts or want to try something completely different, we recommend the DERMAFLASH Dermapore Ultrasonic Pore Extractor and Serum Infuser.This unique device uses ultrasonic scrubbing and infusion technology to deeply cleanse the skin, removing pore clogging bacteria and impurities. It also increases the absorption of your skin care treatments and features a rounded stainless steel spatula to safely extract blackheads and encourage circulation.

Face Cleansing Brush. DERMAFLASH Dermapore Ultrasonic Pore Extractor and Serum Infuser

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