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Me Smooth Elos Replacement Cartridge, me smooth cartridges
Jun 22, 2017
Works if willing to give it time

I have olive skin with dark hair. This product definitely works. You must be persistent! I have been using it now for a year and a half and noticed results after two-three months of frequent 1-2 times a week usage with going over every area 2x. After that I have been using it every 10-14 days going over areas two times for maintenance. The hair that does grow back is much finer. No in grown hairs. My pubic area is flawless but I've definitely missed spots on my legs which just takes time. In... more

me glow Beauty Boosting Eye Mask
Dec 02, 2017
Me glow eye mask

This eye mask is very soft and comfortable to wear....the added bonus of copper infused threads are an extra bonus as copper reportedly helps reduce wrinkles...very pleased with the product...would like to see it offered in optional color choices

Me Clear
Jun 02, 2017

This little device works great and is travel-friendly. I love having it handy when I'm on the road. I've had a lot of luck using this to control the angry chin breakouts that come around once a month. It seems to work best when you catch the blemish while it is still under the skin (when its a little sore and itchy!). Most of the time it works, there have been a few stubborn blemishes where it hasn't though. The blemish shrinks down and is gone within a few days. I make sure to wipe it down... more

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