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Finding the right hair color for your skin tone

Finding the right hair color for your skin tone

If you’re ready to change up your hair look for spring, you’ve probably been browsing magazines and sites like Pinterest for inspiration. However, finding the best hair color for you is sometimes a little more complicated than snagging your favorite photo, taking it to your colorist and telling him or her to copy it exactly. Surprisingly, skin tone often plays the largest role in which colors will be most flattering.

A great hair color can make your best features pop, and it can even make you appear years younger by lending a vibrant energy to your appearance. The wrong hair color could wind up making you appear tired and washed out, or it could take attention away from your face. Figuring out which colors work best to enhance your appearance starts with determining whether you have warm or cool undertones.

If you’re not sure whether you are warm or cool, here’s a simple trick. Step into a natural light source (maybe in your car or near an open window on a sunny day), and turn your hand over to examine the veins in your wrist. Are they blue to green or blue to purple? Those with a greenish tint to their veins are considered warm with yellow undertones, and those with a purplish tint are considered cool with pink undertones. While many people fall into the warm or cool undertones category, it is possible to be both warm and cool, which is considered neutral. If the wrist test is inconclusive, a professional makeup artist can help.

If you have cool tones, opt for a warm hair color. Golden blondes, chocolates and orangey reds look great, especially in contrast with fair skin. If you have warm undertones, stick with cool shades. You can choose ashy browns and blondes, rich auburns and dark brunette hues that have a blue base.

If you have a deep skin tone, the trick is to choose a hue that will add contrast to your look. Choose a color that is at least a few shades darker or lighter than your skin to avoid washing out your features or appearing monochromatic.

Whatever your skin tone, the most important thing is that you’re happy with your new color. Happiness and positive energy are contagious, and if you’re confident in your new look, you’ll be instantly more beautiful. In the end, choose the hair color YOU like best!

Do you have a question about choosing the right hair color? Let us know in the comments section.

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