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Signs that you’re using the wrong amount of product

Signs that you’re using the wrong amount of product

When you receive a new skin care product, your first instinct is usually to slather it all over your skin. Because if a little bit is good then more must be better, right? This isn’t the case with skin care. Using too much product can lead to issues so be sure to follow the recommended guidelines for applying products.

The skin can only absorb so much product so when you apply too much, the excess simply sits on top of your skin. Not only does this waste the product, it can prevent any products that you apply after from absorbing completely. The buildup of product can clog pores, cause irritation and create a dull appearance.

When applying your skin care products, follow the recommendations listed in the directions. You should apply about a dime-size amount of creams, lotions and moisturizers and only two to three drops of serums for the entire face. For eye products, a pea-size amount is plenty for both eyes.

Pilling is the most noticeable sign that you are using too much product. Pilling is when products begin to clump and ball up on the skin. When certain formulas do not mix well or too much has been applied you’ll start to see the product coming off in small balls onto your fingers.

If your skin is acting up, too much product may be the cause. One sign that you are using too much product is excess oil. If your skin has become oily, especially in areas that aren’t usually prone to oiliness, it could be the result of clogged pores. When pores become clogged with excess product, it can cause an over production of oil, which leads to a shiny complexion.

Irritation can also be a sign that you are using too much product. Spot treatment products for issues such as acne and dark spots only need to be applied to problem areas. If you experience peeling, redness or flaking in areas where you don’t have these issues, you are applying too much product to the area.

Ask us any questions you have about applying the right amount of product below in the comments section!

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