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La Roche Posay Spring Water - 10.5 oz

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La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water - 10.5 oz

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46 Results
Good Thermal Spring Water
August 01, 2017

I like that it contains zinc, Selenium and other elements which I believe help to keep my skin healthy. I have already finished my first bottle and purchased next one.

Expensive but handy
July 31, 2017

I use these sprays to set powder or rehydrate my face without rinsing away serums, but they are expensive.

Constant Use Since 2002
July 27, 2017

I use this thermal spring water religiously two-plus times per day to relieve my rosacea.

Awesome if you have dry skin &/or live in areas w/ hard water
July 18, 2017

One reason these aerosol thermal water mists were developed and became so popular in France was that in many regions, the tap water tends to have a heavy concentration of undesirable minerals. For example, chlorine, calcaire (limestone), calcium (can cause ''scaling'' on the glass and your shower walls) which can be harsh on one's skin. My apartment's in an area which has similarly ''hard water.'' I've installed a special shower filter head but, alas, I don't have a filter for my sink (yet). So following a French aesthetician's advice, if I cleanse my face using the sink, I love spraying this on straight after for a fresh start. Sometimes I do a spray before cleansing (but AFTER removing makeup: this step softens my dry skin and allows my cleansing milk to penetrate better as I glide it along with my face in upward motions). There are so many uses for thermal water, particularly if you want to use a hyaluronic acid serum or product: HA works best on damp skin (otherwise, it may even make your skin dryer!) so I spritz and then apply my HA serum after, on my face, body or neck. I tried the Avene's version and couldn't form a preference as the Avene dispenser jammed halfway through, so I'm content with this La Roche-Posay's version for now as it hasn't jammed.

A fresh pick-me-up for the face!
July 09, 2017

I have used this type of sprays forever ago it seems! It works well after applying makeup. As well as, anytime to reapply makeup. No odors either, which I love. Others I've used often had smells of perfume I didn't like at all. If you're searching for a gentle, refreshing spray, this is it!

Refreshing Mist
July 02, 2017

My skin is sensitive and tends to lose moisture during the day. I tried this product and it is great! I spritz several times during the day. It is wonderful helps to retain moisture and it's revitalizing.

Set and forget
June 30, 2017

I had thought about using a facial spray to set my makeup for years and never tried it before. I know this is an excellent brand and finally decided to purchase. Wonderful product!

A must-buy
June 26, 2017

This product sprays like the real natural mist. It feels like nothing on the skin meaning that it doesn't spit cold water drops and it sits on so lightly I didn't have to make a frown face. :) I love this product.

Best choice in the U.S.
June 22, 2017

This is a daily routine for my acne prone combination skin for many years. It's safe enough to use during pregnancy. Although there is a better spring water spray in the European market, LRP is the best accessible in the U.S. for my case.

We love it!
June 14, 2017

Our family must have! Kids use it when summer, I use it all the time, fine mist that real keeps your face hydrated.

Perfect Companion to Hyaluronic Acid
April 06, 2017

I love to use this after I apply my hyaluronic acid serum. It works to super-charge the hydration level in my skin. The mist is really fine and it takes forever to go through a bottle, even though I am using it twice daily. Will absolutely repurchase.

Great Spray!
March 09, 2017

I have had Avene water mist/spray in the past. This one sprays better, providing more evenness on my face. The Avene sprayer, once I went through about 2/3 of it, stopped spraying evenly and I just got large drops of water out of it. I am not at the bottom of this mist bottle yet, but I am hopeful that the spray/mist function will hold until I run out of the product. If it holds, I will continue to re-purchase this brand.

February 25, 2017

This is the perfect thing for my skin!

February 05, 2017

I like to spray this on my face after a mini home facial to calm and soften my skin. It's also great for setting make-up and refreshing it mid-day.

My favorite
January 02, 2017

My very favorite, not just for myself but in the facial room.

Great product
December 31, 2016

Calms skin on my face, reduces redness.

December 30, 2016

It refreshes, moisturizes and gives your face a healthy glow.

Love it!
December 03, 2016

I initially purchased this to use with my Labelle ultrasonic face scrubber since the skin has to stay pretty wet when using. I like to sit down in front of a cosmetic mirror to use my face scrubber so constantly trying to wet my face was annoying, even with a regular spray bottle. This has such a soothing, fine mist that it was perfect for what I intended it for. I love it so much that I now use it for everything. A quick mist to my hair to add some curl after a day old wash, to my face & neck if it feels a little dehydrated, after sun or even my legs if I need a quick tub shave! The bottle is a great size too! Will definitely repurchase.

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water
October 25, 2016

I use this with a cotton round after the La Roche-Posey Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser. It is soothing and helps alleviate redness. I have rosacea with rosacea bumps. I have not found a product that helps with the bumps yet. I will continue to use the cleanser and spring water until I find a better system.

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water
October 08, 2016

Purchased the thermal spring water by La Roche-Posay and really enjoy it! I use this spray to set my lightly made up and SPF protected face. I plan to repurchase this when I run out!

Spring Water
May 25, 2016

Mist of Luxury. I keep it in my bathroom, use after shower for all body, and have no needs in applying some lotion...because my skin feels comfortable. Also I use it within a day. Definitely will buy again.

Moisturizing Mist
April 22, 2016

This is the first time I have tried the La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water. I usually use Avene but have had numerous problems with the spray mechanism working properly which has resulted in the wasting of several bottles, which can be very expensive. This product appears to have a much sturdier spray button. Hopefully I will not have the same problems with this product spraying properly. The product seems to provide the same benefits as the Avene product, plus is more cost effective.

Other brands of thermal water are more hydrating
March 20, 2016

I have tried a number of thermal waters and this is not that great. This is purely water, not much else added. My skin does not feel hydrated after washing using this thermal water. Will go back to my other brand.

A beauty must have!
January 20, 2016

I LOVE this in the summer when its hot. Its a great toner & make-up setting spray as well. Great for airplane travel...even my kids love this!

totally in love with this!
July 11, 2015

i cannot believe i ended up spending semi high $$ on spring water but, so happy i did! previous times i thought about it when seeing this water spray and every time i told myself I dont think so! well during the recent 25% off sale and it being my BD this month, i said oh what the heck, i have a few other L-R P products so might as well add this to the collection and i swear it turned out to be the best la-roche posay product i have!! heck i have not used any of the other la roche products except this (about 5 times a day when i go to restroom and before bed) and the la-roche toleriane dermo cleanser (once or twice a day depending on my laziness) for the last four days and my face has gone from being mostly medium plus reddish with breakouts and rosacea bumps showing up whenever (even while using other la roche products that are suppose to help rosacea) to actually only 2-3 tiny rosacea baby bumps with my face only having a light redish/pinkish tone to it now! today was the first day in years i felt okay not wearing foundation just amazes me what this water product can do, to think how much money i could of saved buying this from the begining instead of the almost dozen other LRP products i bought that did not work as well as this, is kinda of irritating.. stocking up on these for sure and packing up most of the other LRP products for someone else to use!!

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