Restylane Silk Lip Fillers at Skin Specialists

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Restylane Silk Lip Fillers at Skin Specialists

From the makers of Restylane comes Restylane Silk, the new hyaluronic acid filler designed especially for addressing aging concerns on and around the lips. Restylane Silk features particles that are half the size of those found in regular Restylane fillers, making them ideal for treating lips. This allows you to fill in fine lines on and around the mouth and enjoy a plumper, more youthful pout.

New Restylane Silk

Video Summary

DR. JOEL SCHLESSINGER: Restylane has been around since 2003 and has been one of the best products we’ve had so far for fillers. It also has a sister product called Perlane. Now, Restylane has a certain amount of particles in it that allow it to fill and act as a filler to plump up areas of the face or to volumize.

Now, we’ve been waiting for a lip product that is specifically for lips. And Restylane Silk, which is a newer product, is the answer that we’ve been looking for.

I love how it spreads in the area. And Denise, of course, has really really great lip structure to begin with.

DENISE: I’m technically a stay-at-home mom to two really great teenage boys and I also have a blog that I do on the side as well. I am in here today because as a middle-age woman, I am noticing that, you know, my skin isn’t what it used to be, and so I’m trying to age gracefully is my whole philosophy.

DR. JOEL SCHLESSINGER: So you can see it kind of spreading in there.

DENISE: Restylane Silk, and it is going to be injected into my lips to give them a fuller appearance. And I did use Restylane before, before the Silk, but it does finish kind of lumpy, so I guess this new, improved product is going to make the lips smoother.

DR. JOEL SCHLESSINGER: So you can see that it actually just flows in there very nicely. The beauty of Restylane Silk is that it has smaller particles. And those smaller particles are able to fit in just right for the lips. And with that, we have the ability to volumize the lips and take those very fine lines on the lips and improve them as well.

PAM: Right now, my concerns are I have lines right here that I don’t like. They make me look like I’m frowning all the time. And then my lip has always been thin and I have some little lines there that I’d like to get fixed. And Dr. normally has used Restylane before in this and it does an excellent job. So I want to try the new product.

DR. JOEL SCHLESSINGER: So you can see this area here, it’s really nice, it just has had a very nice difference. And you can see it over there. It’s really a great all-around product for lips and because of the particle size, which is 50% the size of Restylane, it allows us to fill in fine lines in the lips and other delicate areas.

How was that?

DENISE: It was less painful. I could feel it smoothing in, which was very different from the normal Restylane.

DR. JOEL SCHLESSINGER: It has a nice effect. I’ve been involved with fillers ever since 2003 when Restylane came out. So now we have a triad of products: Perlane, Restylane and Restylane Silk that make the perfect treatment for lips, face and other areas.

DENISE: Dr. Schlessinger, I’m always really happy when I leave because I’m able to eliminate the wrinkles on my forehead. And then, you know, for the first time ever, I have lips where I can actually apply lipstick or lip gloss and actually have a lip and I can see the color, so I love that.

PAM: You never look like you’re over-filled. I know you see some people who have that tight, taut look and Dr. makes it look very natural when you leave. So natural that a lot of my family don’t even notice I’ve had it done.

DR. JOEL SCHLESSINGER: I think we’ll see a lot more satisfaction with this product, especially for the lips, and we’ll complete the product line, allowing us to treat more areas than we’ve been able to before with more satisfaction.

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