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A GRASS Regimen with SkinMedica Products

Achieve optimal skin health with the SkinMedica GRASS regimen.

SkinMedica GRASS Regimen

Video Summary

SkinMedica recommends a GRASS Regimen to achieve your most optimal skin health and a GRASS Regimen is an acronym to help patients identify what products they need and when.

GRASS is an easy way for you to identify the products that you need in a Regimen. So it’s an acronym that stands for Growth Factors, Retinols, Antioxidants, Specialty Products that are customizable to your specific needs, and SPF, which is the most important skin component to any skin regimen.

With this prescribed and individualized regimen we were able to make the science and beauty a reality. A GRASS Regimen is only from SkinMedica and has been clinically proven, in fact in clinical trials 100% of patients that used a GRASS Regimen saw improvements in their skin, so it’s a very effective and long term safe product to use.

In each category there’s a product that we can use specifically with in the GRASS Regimen, so with growth factors we have TNS Essential Serum, which is our HERO product, it’s the best product that we make for cell rejuvenation. Retinols we have three different strengths of retinols, a .25, a .5, and a 1.0. Antioxidants come in out TNS Essential Serum our HERO product, but we also have our Vitamin C and E Complex and our Dermal Repair Cream chock full of vitamin C and E.

Specialty ingredients, again this is going to be something specifically customizable to each patient so if you come in with hyper pigmentation or brown spots, if you come in with redness or acne, we have products specifically that we can use for you to take specific care of your specific needs. And then sunscreen, we have three specific sunscreens, one for every day use, one that has a moisturizer for patients that are a little more dry and one that is extremely water resistant for patients that are really athletic or outside more often.

So we have something for everybody with the GRASS Regimen and it’s a completely customizable regimen for patients.

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