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Breakouts: Pinpoint Your Problem Skin

Find out what’s causing your breakouts with these useful tips.

Breakouts: pinpoint your problem skin

Video Summary

Finding the cause of your breakouts could be the secret to making them stop.

Oily skin, stress and hormones are most often blamed for breakouts, but these aren’t the only concerns to address. Medications, beauty products, fitness gear and even your diet can be top offenders. The most common, but one of the least recognized causes comes from your hands and cell phone. When you touch your face or talk on your phone, you transfer oil and bacteria that can cause breakouts.

In order to prevent these concerns from causing breakouts, the most important thing to do is avoid touching your face. Additional steps to take include:

-Identifying where your breakouts are most common

-Eating a more balanced diet

-Checking your beauty products to make sure they aren’t the culprits

-Maintaining a good skin care routine

-Regularly washing your pillowcase

-and keeping your phone clean with an anti-bacterial wipe

Following each of these steps can help in reducing the severity or occurrence of breakouts. To find a collection of skin care products to help keep your skin clear, visit You can also call, email or live chat our customer care team for help.

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