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4 Quick Fixes for Men's Hair Care Mistakes

4 Quick Fixes for Men's Hair Care Mistakes

Good grooming has become synonymous with the modern man. More men than ever are taking an interest in proper hair care, but not just any products will do. Finding the right pomade or shampoo for your hair type is just as important as adopting good grooming habits. If your current hair care regimen needs revamping, follow these simple solutions to achieve a healthier, more confident coif.

1. Not Dealing with Dandruff

Characterized by excess sebum production and a flaky scalp, dandruff can be an uncomfortable condition no one wants to face. While the exact cause of dandruff is unknown, a number of probable contributing factors exist. Many men experiencing dandruff or dry scalp have an underlying medical condition causing these flakes to occur, such as seborrheic dermatitis. This inflammatory skin condition is the chief cause of dandruff and its symptoms. Affected areas produce excess oil, develop white or yellow scales and become inflamed.

The itching we associate with dandruff is often attributed to naturally occurring yeast in the skin known as pityrosporum. Skin subjected to excess oil tends to be more susceptible to the overgrowth of this yeast, which leads to pityrosporum folliculitis. This condition, along with the effects of seborrheic dermatitis, usually cause the main symptoms related to dandruff: itchiness, irritation and flaking. Of course, other skin concerns like psoriasis and eczema may also affect the scalp, so it’s important to treat and monitor dandruff closely. If symptoms worsen or you fear infection, see your dermatologist as soon as possible.

While no cure for dandruff exists, build up from styling products and lack of daily washing can worsen the appearance of flakes, so medicated shampoos remain the best way to subdue the symptoms. We recommend the DCL Zoma Shampoo, which contains zinc pyrithione. This key antifungal and antibacterial ingredient treats all of the above skin conditions to holistically improve the state of the scalp. Some dandruff shampoos can overcompensate for the scalp’s excess sebum, causing dryness and irritation. However, this treatment nourishes the scalp while gently removing unnecessary oils from the hair.

DCL Zoma Shampoo

For best results, Dr. Schlessinger suggests combining medicated shampoos with medications designed to fight fungal infections.

“Shampoos containing coal tar, selenium sulfide and zinc pyrithione improve seborrheic dermatitis, but anti-yeast diets and medications, such as Diflucan, are even more effective.”

Together, these treatments with a proper hair care routine and diet maintains a balanced and flake-free scalp.

2. Excluding Conditioner

One of the most overlooked hair care products by men, conditioner provides essential moisture needed to prevent hair from becoming dry and dull. Whether men lack the time to condition or prefer to keep their regimen simple, most tend to opt for a 2-in-1 shampoo or skip this step altogether. While shampoo gets rid of oil and residue left behind from styling products, the hair still needs some natural oils to maintain strength and moisture. That’s where conditioner comes in. It replaces vital nutrients lost during cleansing before locking out pollutants, which weaken the hair shaft.

Worthy of your time and a spot in your routine, the Redken Brews Daily Conditioner features malt and soy protein to reinforce follicles while replenishing hydration without causing greasiness. This conditioning rinse complements any shampoo and improves manageability to make hairstyling easier than ever. Perfect for athletes who shower every day, its lightweight formula is gentle enough for daily use and accessible to all hair types.

Redken Brews Daily Conditioner

3. Not Utilizing a Hair Dryer

For the man who takes styling seriously, adding a hair dryer to your arsenal of styling tools can take your hair to new heights–literally. While some avoid blow dryers in fear of them seeming too feminine, certain styles rely on the control they provide. Pompadours and disheveled undercuts require extra volume to instill your look with the lift it needs to come alive. When working with hair dryers, use a heat protectant to prevent damage and dryness. Fortunately, with the Baxter of California Clay Effect Style Spray, this doesn’t have to add another step to your routine. This multitasking texturizer combines the hold of clay pomade with the benefits of heat protectant. As hair dries, it develops a frizz-free, natural shine finish. Pair with your choice of pomade or paste to add the final touches to your style and ensure it stays in place all day.

Baxter of California Clay Effect Style Spray

4. Styling Missteps

Whether men apply too much styling product or use the wrong one entirely, improper styling misrepresents otherwise healthy hair. Over-styling results in weighed down hairdos that fall flat. In addition to making hair look and feel greasy, using too much product contributes to buildup. If left unchecked, buildup from over-styling leads to dull hair and irritation. To avoid using too much product, start with a small amount and apply more as needed to achieve your desired style. Regardless of whether you’re using a paste or pomade, rub the product between your hands. This allows for even distribution and easier application.

Matching the correct product to your hairstyle often calls for experimentation, but based on hair type and personal taste, some basic guidelines can lead you in the right direction. Those with thinning or fine hair do well with lightweight pastes and high hold clays. The Art of Shaving Molding Clay adds a gritty texture and fullness to make hair appear thicker. Its durable hold makes sure your style stays put while the clay’s flexibility provides total control.

The Art of Shaving Molding Clay

For men with thick, coarse or wavy hair, pomades and creams perform the best, depending on your specific hairstyle and preferred finish. With its medium hold and light shine, The Art of Shaving Gel Pomade is a crowd-pleasing product that allows you to craft a variety of styles and rework it throughout the day. Whether you’re going for a messy, bedhead-look or prefer a more sculpted hairstyle, this pomade offers the body and hold you need.

The Art of Shaving Gel Pomade

Is your hairdo causing you difficulties? Share your styling concerns in the comments below, and let LovelySkin be your guide to better hair care.

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