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Best Oils For Face & Skin

The Best Oils For Skin

Best Oils For Skin: Nourish skin this season with a ritual from the Middle East

Purification of the body and skin are intrinsic to the way of life in the Middle East. The Hammam is the temple of this great tradition and the place where women develop and learn time-honored expertise that focuses on the body: exfoliating scrubs and wraps that eliminate toxins, then massaging the skin with rich and nourishing oils such as Argan Oil and Olive Oil.

For over 2,000 years, women in the Middle East have been developing beauty recipes and handing them down from mother to daughter. The Hammam Purification Ritual, which protects the skin and leaves it feeling like new, is one of the most well-known. As we move into fall and winter, the skin is in most need of deeply hydrating, comforting and nourishing ingredients. Allow your mind and body travel to the Middle East in the comfort of your home as you practice parts of these time-honored beauty rituals with Cinq Mondes top two product picks for face and body:

1. Best Oil For Face: Cinq Mondes Nourishing Precious Elixir

Cinq Mondes Nourishing Precious Elixir

It's called Precious for a reason! All you need are a few drops daily of this unique facial oil that is on a base of 100% plant oils. Use it as a serum or add a few drops to your existing moisturizer to boost it's performance! This nourishing Elixir is rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6) and it's unique blend of Argan Oil, also well-known as "liquid gold", and Carthamus Oil is traditionally used in Morocco to deeply nourish, hydrate and provide comfort and softness to the skin. Perfect for dry or very skin or during the colder months.

2. Best Oil For Body: Cinq Mondes Sumptuous Body Oil

Cinq Mondes Sumptuous Body Oil

Yes, the name says it all! This best-selling body oil is a balanced blend of Argan, Sesame and Olive Oil to deeply nourish the skin, while leaving behind an intoxicating scent of Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Cedar. Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, and is considered a very effective antioxidant to fight against skin aging. Sesame Oil hydrates, softens and smooths the skin, while 100% Virgin Olive Oil, the only oil to naturally contain Vitamin A, hydrates and softens skin. Once you try this oil, you'll be hooked!!


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