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Best of Omaha - Skin Specialists P.C.

Best of Omaha - Skin Specialists P.C.

Watch as Dr. Joel Schlessinger is interviewed about being honored as the Best in Omaha in five categories.

Video Transcript

Best of Omaha: Visiting with Dr. Joel Schlessinger and Doctor, you have been voted Best of Omaha in an astonishing five categories. What does that say about you and the staff that you have here? 

Dr. Schlessinger: Well, it's real exciting for one. It's really something because we have focused on customer service, customer care and just being our best as much as we can.

Best of Omaha: Dr. Joel Schlessinger - we've heard the commercials, we know who he is. You've been here 16 years now. How has your business evolved in that 16 years?


Dr. Schlessinger: Well, I went from being a dermatologist alone to being a cosmetic surgeon along with my dermatology. And now we have LovelySkin, which is one of the largest websites in the world and one of the top three largest websites selling skin care products. We started LovelySkin in 1998 and it's grown since that time and the field of products that we sell, which are called cosmeceuticals, cosmetics with medical benefits, is something that has really changed a lot and grown over that time. 


Best of Omaha: It's all-encompassing here, so let's say somebody's on the fence. They don't know what to expect. What's a consultation when they come here if they don't really know what they want?

Dr. Schlessinger: Well, it can be a lot of different things. So if you're coming here for complexion issues it may be just a visit or look at you, see about some medications that you might need, see what's causing it, maybe do something like a culture to find out what's causing your acne. Now if you're coming here for something else like a clinical trial, we do clinical trials. Right now we're doing a clinical trial on fat treatments for the abdominal, for the belly fat area. We have other clinical trials that we're doing on wrinkles and psoriasis, so there are a lot of different things that happen here. That's one of the things that, I think, makes us so unique. 

Best of Omaha: What's the biggest misconception you think people have about cosmetic surgery? 

Dr. Schlessinger: I think that most people don't realize that it's so much easier these days, and the whole reason that cosmetic surgery has become popular is that it has become accessible. It's not just for that person that people think about that is spending weeks recovering from a procedure. It's for that soccer mom. It's for that guy who's looking at looking his best. It's always my goal to be the best that we can and to make people realize that we will do our best to make them happy and to provide an experience that is pleasant for them. One that they will say, "We were happy that we went there, and he took care of me in a nice way."  


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