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New Technology Serum Hydrates the Skin

New Technology Serum Hydrates the Skin

New Technology Serum Hydrates the Skin

Video Summary

Reporter: Sun creams promise a fountain of youth reversing years of damage, but the one medical reporter Meg Farris reports on in tonight's Wrinkle-Free Friday has the science and users to back up its claims.

Meg: Beth Depass is a golfer. She protects her face with sunscreen and a hat but swears at almost 54 it's never looked better because of something else. 

B: A day doesn't go by that someone doesn't comment, you know, on my skin and go, "What do you use?"  

Meg: At 56, Lisa Ludwig gets the same reaction.

L: My friends and my family have even noticed a difference. They think that my skin looks younger. My skin looks good. 

Meg: You've heard of all the fillers that doctors inject to plump up the cheeks and wrinkles. They're made of hyaluronic acid. HA is the body's natural lubricant in skin, eyes and joints. Well now there's a hyaluronic acid that you rub on the skin, and it's considered a breakthrough because unlike any other HA topical it's cross-linked, upping its durability. 

Meg: Every other hyaluronic acid that's currently available in the United States that is topically applied to hydrate the skin is not cross-linked. Your skin breaks it down very, very quickly, a few minutes to maybe an hour or so. 

R: Teoxane has been touted by beauty editors and major magazines. Scientifically tested, it works forming a mesh or matrix on the skin.

Meg: All of that moisture in the air is absorbed by this matrix because, remember, hyaluronic acid absorbs hundreds of times its weight in water.

R: So not only does it get in the top layer and plump it up, shrinking pores and lines, but just like your body works better when it's hydrated with water, so does your skin. 

Meg: It holds the moisture in your skin longer, which decreases inflammation in your skin, and when the skin is less inflamed, it ages slower.

R: Inflammation and UV light stimulate free radical production. That breaks down your collagen. Hydrated skin not only heals faster but allows the vitamins, peptides and antioxidants in Teoxane to be slowly delivered over time instead of immediately broken down.  

B: And I have to say the result is immediate and shocking. And my friends didn't believe me, so my first experiment was to take someone who hadn't used it and do half of their face. And it was so obvious from one side to the other. 

L: It's texture and plumpness in the skin, and I think it also maybe fades a little bit of the skin discoloration.

Meg: Dermatologist Dr. Mary Lupo says, "Don't stop using your sunscreen by day for protection and your prescription retinoids or over-the-counter retinol by night to repair cells. Just think of Teoxane as an extra drink for your thirsty skin." For Wrinkle-Free Friday, I'm Meg Farris. 

R: There are several Teoxane products, but you can just use the serum morning and night. The cost is around $200 and only a small amount is needed to cover the face. 

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