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August is National Wellness Month

August is National Wellness Month

Since August is National Wellness Month, it acts as the perfect checkpoint for the wellness goals you set at the beginning of the year. A lot can change between declaring your beauty resolutions and National Wellness Month, so it’s a good idea to reflect on how your needs may have evolved and adjust accordingly. Find out if your wellness is on track and finish the year strong by incorporating these self-care tips.

1. Schedule a Skin Check

Whether you put them off or forget about them altogether, consider this your cue to schedule your annual skin screening! A screening typically takes ten to fifteen minutes, during which a dermatologist checks the skin for any irregularities, from moles with abnormal borders to sun damage that may become problematic in the future without the proper care. These checkups also give you a chance to ask your dermatologist about any skin concerns you may have as well. While making time in a busy schedule for checkups may seem stressful, they can save you even more stress—or save your life—in the long run. After the fact, you’ll be thankful for the peace of mind.

2. Stay Vigilant Against Hidden Germs and Grime

Bacteria and oils may be a part of everyday life, but breakouts and skin infections aren’t inevitable. Some of the most trivial aspects of day to day life can cause acne and other skin concerns. For instance, handling your phone transfers bacteria and oils to the screen that can make their way to the face if you press your phone against your cheek during a call. Remember to be cognizant of this and keep screens clean with an electronic-friendly cleansing spray. We recommend the Lasercyn Dermal Spray, which can also be used directly on the skin to treat wounds.

LaserCyn Dermal Spray

Interacting with equipment at the gym also poses a risk of infection. If a yoga mat or weight bench is improperly cleaned after use, bacteria transfers to the body, hands and even the face. For this reason, everyone needs a post-workout wash. The CLn BodyWash uses a low concentration of bleach to rid the skin of bacteria and other impurities that lead to infections. Remember, wash immediately following a workout to best prevent breakouts and other skin concerns.

CLn BodyWash

3. Don’t Miss Out on Me Time

Whether you’re caring for a family or racing to and fro on business, remember to block out some time in your schedule for yourself. Without me time, self-care struggles to exist at all. Fortunately, how you spend your alone time can take many forms! Take twenty to thirty minutes to workout, meditate or relax in the tub. If you opt for a soak, get the most out of every minute with the soothing PHTYOMER Oligomer Pure Sea Water Bath Sachet. Bring the benefits of the sea to the comfort of your home, as these marine minerals revitalize the skin and body. Remember, make sure to bathe in tepid, not hot, water to avoid drying out skin. Moisturize immediately after bathing to replenish any lost hydration, and take this opportunity to transition into your skin care routine to enjoy a few extra moments of me time!

Phytomer Oligomer Pure Sea Water Bath Sachet

4. Never Neglect Your Locks

Maybe, you’ve focused so much on skin health and inner wellness that you’ve forgot to nourish your hair as well! If your hair starts to lose its shine, struggle with split ends or seems drier than usual, it may need some extra TLC. To restore hair to its former glory, incorporate vitamins known to strengthen and nourish strands, like biotin and vitamin B6. Fortunately, HairMax Dietary Supplements supply these vitamins and more in a single capsule! With consistent use, these supplements regain and maintain healthy hair. As an added bonus, nails and skin benefit as well, becoming stronger and more resilient.

HairMax Dietary Supplements

5. Maintain a Centered Body

A centered body is the foundation for beauty. Specifically, internal health translates to outer radiance. Gut health often plays a larger role in determining skin’s condition than it’s given credit for. Both the skin and the gut have their own microbiome that can influence one another. This is especially true of an imbalanced gut microbiome, as this tends to manifest on the skin as inflammation, breakouts and other conditions. To maintain gut health, use RMS Beauty Within Probiotic + Prebiotic Dietary Supplements. With 25 billion CFU (Colony Forming Units i.e. viable beneficial bacteria), these vegan capsules promote normal digestive function and support the immune system. Since better gut health means less indigestion and bloating, you’ll find you feel as good as you look!

RMS Beauty Within Probiotic + Prebiotic Dietary Supplement

Once your self-care is sorted, take inventory of your cosmetics and see if you’ve kept up with your makeup bag resolutions as well!

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