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Extra 24 Hours to Try Something New

Extra 24 Hours to Try Something New

Time has been on our minds all week and with good reason. Leap Day is approaching quickly and it has us planning for our extra 24 hours. Since it only comes around once every four years, Leap Day is the perfect time to try something new.

Time is the most precious commodity of all and with your extra 24 hours we encourage you to find your sense of adventure. Don’t worry, we’re not saying you have to spend February 29 skydiving or running your first marathon. There are plenty of ways to encourage yourself to try new things on Leap Day or spend it making plans for an adventurous Leap Year.

Leap Day

Leap Day doesn’t have to be about some life-changing affirmation but it is the perfect opportunity to stretch yourself. There are small things you can do on February 29 that will help you break out of your comfort zone.

1. Try a new restaurant. Even if it’s just another day of the week, changing one small thing on Leap Day can make it feel special. Experiencing a new cuisine or pastime may encourage you to continue to try new things.

2. Make yourself go bowling – or whatever else it is that you’ve never tried or aren’t very good at doing. Pushing yourself to try new things is a simple way to give you a sense of adventure without ever having to plan a trip.

3. Stop by that yoga class at the gym. Take something that’s already a part of your routine and change it up just a bit this Leap Day. If you’re already an avid yogi, try a Zumba or spin class. At first you may feel a bit clumsy but giving something totally different a try will make you feel accomplished.

Leap Year

Leap Day falls on a Monday this year and we understand that you may not be able to dedicate the entire day to trying new things. Even if you can’t go on an adventure on Leap Day, you can use the extra 24 hours to take steps that will lead to a more adventure year.

1. Schedule an appointment with a travel agent. Maybe there’s a city, country or historical site that you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Begin your journey by gathering information about the logistics and costs of your trip. You’ll be one step closer to hopping on a plane to your destination.

2. Sign up for a class. This could be the year where you begin your journey to a new hobby or interest that will take you on adventures. Sign up for a beginner’s class on something that’s out of your comfort zone like photography, painting, computer science or cooking.

3. Start visualizing your goals. Maybe you aren’t sure what your next adventure will be but you know you want to get there this year. Visualizing your goals and seeing them every day will make you more likely to work toward them. Create a scrapbook, vision board or even a reminder in your phone that keeps your goals in mind.

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