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Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Skin Care Problem Solvers for Men’s Concerns

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Skin Care Problem Solvers for Men’s Concerns

When it comes to skin care and grooming needs, men’s products tend to be solution-oriented. If they have a skin concern, they want an effective product that addresses the issue as fast as possible. Whether you’re a man who knows what he wants or shopping for him, allow these dermatologist-approved products to be your problem solvers this season.

Problem: Ingrown Hairs Caused by Shaving

These irritating red bumps occur almost anywhere on the body but crop up more often post-shave, which led to them being known as razor bumps. Everyone’s dealt with them at some point, but what causes ingrown hairs in the first place?

The Cause of Ingrown Hairs:

  • Hair that grows in tight curls
  • Pulling skin taut or shaving too closely
  • Shaving dry hair
  • Dull razor blades

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

Try preventing ingrown hairs instead of accepting them as inevitable. Lessen your chances of developing ingrowns with proper grooming habits.

The Right Way to Shave:

  • Never use a dull razor
  • Shave in the direction hair grows, not against it
  • Opting for stubble versus a clean shave lessens the likelihood of ingrowns
  • Use a cream or gel to lubricate hair before shaving

For ingrown hairs already causing issues, we recommend using Fur Ingrown Concentrate.

Fur Ingrown Concentrate

As an added bonus, this all-natural oil comes with an exfoliating finger mitt, which can be used to coax ingrowns from beneath the skin’s surface. Since Fur Ingrown Concentrate contains coconut and tea tree oils, its formula softens hair and clears pores to lower the chances of irregular growth.

Problem: Thinning Hair Caused by Hereditary Conditions

Caused by a combination of genetics, hormones and aging, hereditary hair loss begins for men as early as their 20s. DHT, a male sex hormone, plays a significant role in male pattern baldness, causing hair to fall out and lose its ability to regrow.

Ways DHT Causes Hair Loss:

  • Minimizes hair follicles
  • Shortens the growth cycle
  • Prevents proper circulation

In order to manage hair loss, use products that prevent DHT from interfering with healthy follicles while encouraging a proper growth cycle.

How to Slow Hair Loss and Regrow Hair

Before resorting to expensive procedures or medications that directly affect hormone levels, try the HairMax Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb.

HairMax Ultima 9 Classic

This red light device improves circulation while removing DHT that interferes with growth. With an eleven-minute treatment time, the FDA-cleared device addresses thinning with ease in a stress-free setting.

Problem: Excess Oil and Shine

In addition to contributing to hair loss, DHT also causes excessive sebum production in men, which is why they tend to struggle with oily skin. Some men choose to avoid skin care altogether, believing products will only make matters worse. On the contrary, a proper skin care regimen balances oil production to promote a balanced, shine-free complexion.

How to Control Oily Skin and Reduce Shine

While any skin type can be acne-prone, excess sebum clogs pores leading to frequent breakouts. For this reason, some products formulated for acne provide great results when used by those with oily skin. The LovelySkin LUXE Acne Care Kit exemplifies an acne regimen that performs exceptionally well when attempting to balance oil production.

LovelySkin LUXE Acne Care Kit

When asked why he recommends the LovelySkin LUXE Acne Care Kit to those with oily skin, board-certified dermatologist and LovelySkin CEO Dr. Joel Schlessinger said:

“Oily skin types, especially men, love this regimen because it’s simple and effective. Even though it’s designed with acne in mind, the key ingredients, like glycolic and salicylic acid, also balance sebum production."

To make the most of your regimen, you need more than the right products. You need to know how to use them as well.

Tips for Oily Skin:

  • Cleanse your face every morning and evening
  • Incorporate salicylic and glycolic acids into your regimen
  • Use a toner that purifies and balances skin
  • Use an acne treatment, like the LovelySkin LUXE Acne Care Gel, to avoid blemishes
  • Remember to use an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer

Problem: Rough, Dry Hands and Cracked Skin

Those who work with their hands risk developing painful cracks in their skin. If someone doesn’t regularly hydrate their hands, they also become rough and dry leading to further discomfort. Harsh winter air only exacerbates these issues, making any remedy for these symptoms a great holiday gift.

How to Prevent Dryness and Heal Cracking

Quality hand creams soften and smooth rough hands, but deep cracks and serious skin conditions call for serious hand care.

FixMySkin 1% Hydrocortisone Healing Body Balm

FixMySkin 1% Hydrocortisone Healing Body Balm – Fragrance-Free combines 1% hydrocortisone with shea and cocoa butters to improve cracks, dermatitis and other concerns in as little as a few days. Dr. Schlessinger says:

“This convenient balm can be carried around in a pocket and applied in seconds to make treatment mess-free and easier than ever! Whereas men may be reluctant to apply a hydrocortisone cream consistently throughout the day, this is an easy product as it fits in the pocket and goes on beautifully.”

Problem: Sunburn and Photoaging

If someone in your life struggles with sunburns or their skin shows signs of hyperpigmentation, get them something that can truly be lifesaving. Everyone, especially the outdoorsy types, needs sunscreen, making it a foolproof gift when you’re unsure what to get. If it seems odd to give someone sunscreen in the midst of winter, remember, cancer-causing UV rays threaten skin all year round.

How to Prevent Sun Damage

If there’s one product you don’t want to cut corners on, it is sunscreen. To prevent sun damage, opt for a broad-spectrum sun protection formula that defends against both UVA/UVB rays, like the EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 Sunscreen - Untinted.

EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 Sunscreen - Untinted

Not only is this sunscreen recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation but it’s also a Dr. Schlessinger favorite! He loves how lightweight its oil-free formula feels without sacrificing protection. What better way to brave the outdoors this season than with Dr. Schlessinger’s seal of approval?

Are you thinking about gifting someone skin care this season? Find the perfect present in our holiday gift guide. Join the discussion by commenting below, and let us know what burning beauty questions you have for Dr. Schlessinger!

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