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Scar Solutions

Scar Solutions

From acne scars to cesarean sections, most people will acquire a scar at some point in their lives. Depending on severity and placement, these permanent marks affect more than the skin’s surface, often resulting in body image and self-esteem issues. While wounds and their resulting scars may be unavoidable, you do have the power to ensure scars heal properly. These scar and wound treatments promote optimal healing conditions, thereby decreasing the chances of abnormal scarring.

Board-certified dermatologist and the CEO of, Dr. Schlessinger says, “I regularly see patients who are concerned with the appearance of existing or healing scars. They can be devastating to teenagers and adults alike. While a topical scar treatment will not completely remove the scar, these products provide a fighting chance to achieve the best possible results and decrease the likelihood of permanent scarring.”

Acne Scars

Occurring when clogged pores swell and break beneath the skin’s surface or due to picking of acne and acne-prone areas, acne scars may appear as raised or depressed marks, determined by the amount of collagen produced to heal the lesion. While certain types of acne scarring can be more difficult to treat, limiting sun exposure prevents marks from becoming darker and more obvious. Likewise, avoiding irritating skin products reduces the chance of scars becoming more apparent. For this reason, those with acne scars should take extra care when creating a regimen. If you're wondering how to get rid of ance scars, consider including pre-soaked exfoliating pads, like the Replenix Acne Solutions Gly/Sal 2-2 Pads, to keep acne at bay while improving the appearance of scars. Its gentle formula contains glycolic and salicylic acid to encourage healthy cell turnover without drying or inflaming the skin.

Replenix Acne Solutions Gly/Sal 2-2 Pads

Stretch Marks

When dramatic changes like pregnancy and weight gain cause the dermis to rapidly expand and tear, scars appear in the form of stretch marks. As fibers break and tiny tears occur, reddish purple streaks become visible before subsiding and leaving the skin with silvery white scars. With stretch marks affecting so many people, especially pregnant women, various treatments have surfaced in response. Currently, no product is capable of ridding the skin of stretch marks completely. However, the SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline improves their appearance within six months. Potent herbal extracts provide effective antioxidants and amino acids to ensure the natural healing process minimizes scars as much as possible.

SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline

C-section Scars

With nearly one-third of all births in the U.S. delivered by cesarean section, hundreds of thousands of new mothers can benefit from a treatment that addresses the specific concerns of a c-section scar. After the removal of any stitches or staples, the wound may cause itchiness, tightness and some pain. Friction from clothing may also exacerbate the issue. To ease discomfort, Stratpharma Stratamed Advanced Film-Forming Wound Dressing creates a thin layer to protect the scar from damage and support proper healing. Featuring medical-grade silicone, this gel can be applied directly after procedures to improve any eventual scarring that occurs.

Stratpharma Stratamed Advanced Film-Forming Wound Dressing

Abnormal Scars

When wounds experience a great deal of tension or become inflamed during the healing process, abnormal scarring can occur in the form of hypertrophic scars or keloids.

  • Hypertrophic Scars: These raised abnormal scars result from an overproduction of collagen at the site of the wound, which usually takes place when there is excessive tension or an infection. They range from red to pink in color and can develop anywhere a wound is present.

  • Keloids:Unlike hypertrophic scars, keloids typically only form around the ears, shoulders, cheeks and chest. Pink or purple in color, they often become more raised than hypertrophic scars and grow beyond the boundary of the original wound. Keloids may evolve over time, behaving like a benign tumor.

Both types of abnormal scarring may cause some itchiness or discomfort, but they are rarely more than a cosmetic concern. Fully matured hypertrophic scars and keloids often require in-office treatments to see significant improvement, making prevention the most ideal option. The Stratpharma Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel improves the appearance of new and old scars while keeping the area hydrated. It also soothes inflammation and calms redness, flattening scars over time and preventing the formation of abnormal scars. Dr. Schlessinger adds, “I gave samples of this product to a dear friend of mine who had scars from a horse accident, and they are barely noticeable now!”

Stratpharma Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel

Post-Procedure Scars

After surgical procedures, healing incisions may develop into hypertrophic scars if not cared for properly. The Vivier V-STAT Advanced Scar Gel aids in the repair process of dry, damaged skin with Polyamine-DAB™. This reduces the risk of hypertrophic scarring found in face lifts, breast augmentations and body sculpting procedures. As a result, the healed scar appears flatter and less noticeable. Due to its soothing properties, V-STAT Advanced Scar Gel also improves recovery following non-ablative treatments that sensitize skin, like chemical peels.

Vivier V-STAT Advanced Scar Gel

For many, scars are a fact of life, but living with abnormal scarring and discomfort doesn’t have to be. Use the right treatment for your scar, and make healing as painless as possible.

What scar treatments have helped you heal? Let us know in the comments below.

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