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How to create a no-makeup makeup look

How to Create a No-Makeup Makeup Look

Watch as Kristen creates an effortless "no-makeup" makeup look.

Video Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome back! I'm Kristen, an aesthetician here at LovelySkin, and on today's tutorial we're going to be talking about how to achieve that natural-looking makeup. This is wonderful for the summer months for people who don't want to wear layers upon layers of makeup.

To achieve this look, you just want to start off using the BB cream. I already have it applied. It's by jane iredale. It's the Glow Time. And then I applied it with the flocked sponge by jane iredale as well. And this just helps blend everything to give you that nice, smooth, natural-looking makeup.

All right, so the next step is to find a blush. So today I'm going to be using the Whisper color by jane iredale. It's a wonderful, natural-looking color. You just want to take a blush brush, kinda pat it in there and take off the excess.

So then the next step is to find an eyeshadow color. This is the Sweet Spot by jane iredale. I'm going to be using more of the lighter tones to this. So, I'm first going to start with this cream color. So, then to kind of give a little bit more of a definition to your eye, I always like to use a second color. So, I'm just going to be using more of this blushy tone right here. That way, you can define your eye but still look like it's very natural.

All right, so the next step is to choose a mascara. Today I'm going to be using the YOUNGBLOOD in the Mink color. You want to use more of the browns versus the blacks so it's not harsh, so you want to stick with more of the brown tones so it's going to give you that natural look. Just apply a little bit to the top and just a tiny bit to the bottom.

So the next step is to find the lip color. So today I'm going to be using the glo minerals. It's going to be their Suede Matte Collection. It's an eight-hour plus wear, so it's wonderful and it's going to last all day and it's in the color of Monogram.

All right guys, it's as simple as that! You can find all of our products that we used here today to give yourself that natural look on either or you can visit our retail store. Thanks so much for watching, and I'll see you next time. Bye guys!


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