SilkPeel at LovelySkin



SilkPeel at LovelySkin

Watch as Cindy from Envy Medical describes how the new SilkPeel can target two skin concerns in one treatment.

SilkPeel at LovelySkin

Video Summary

N: Hello everybody, and welcome back. I'm Natasha, and today I have the privilege of speaking with Cindy Duncan who is with Envy Medical. Today she's going to be with us talking about not only some products but about a really amazing treatment that we have in our store. It's one I love and I actually begged her for one today. I've just had one and I love it, so hopefully if I look extra glowing you'll notice why, you'll see why.

C: Which you absolutely do.

N: Anyway, so let's talk about this. This is called SilkPeel and this is something we a lot talk about with clients when they come into our retail store, but most people don't immediately know what it is. Tell us a little bit about it. 

C: Yeah, and what's so great about this is this is our latest version. This is called a SilkPeel² and what's great about this is that it delivers skin-specific solutions down to the base of the skin in a 20-minute treatment. So what we're doing is we're exfoliating the skin and infusing it with a solution just for you that we can customize. It also stays in the skin for three days, and you have 70% more volume instantly after the treatment, which you love - very glowy. And it also stimulates collagen and elastin. It detoxifies the skin with lymphatic drainage, increases circulation and muscle firmness in the skin - all in 20 minutes in a lunchtime procedure. 

N: All kinds of great stuff. So what kind of specific concerns, like if I want brightening or hydration, what are the things you can do with this?


C: What's so great about this treatment is that it's a medically therapeutic treatment, so it's not a service. It's a treatment. It's really going to change your skin. We have a Lumixyl technology that is a patented peptide that we use in the SilkPeel as well as with our home care. We also have a ClarityMD solution that is also patent-pending PCX technology that works on acne and oily skin. 

N: Am I going to get everything I need out of one? Do I need to get a series of these things? How does that work?


C: It really just depends on if you have a skin-specific condition that you're really trying to target and depends on how severe it is. But we've gotten a lot of great results in as little as four SilkPeel treatments two weeks apart. And then when you add on the home care, you'll get 50% quicker results. So you really don't have to have a huge monetary commitment really to get fantastic results, but every time you do it your skin is acting healthier and younger. And the other thing I wanted to point out, too, is that we also do lips and eyes. I know you love that part of the treatment. So you really get a nice lifting in the eye area, and everyone loves to get their lift done. They do it a lot right before the Oscars. A lot of the celebrities love the SilkPeel. And that's why, it's great. 

N: I love it. Well, thank you for letting me take some of your time today.

C: I appreciate it.

N: If you have any questions, get in touch with our retail staff or estheticians or even our Customer Care Team. They can direct you down the right path. Thank you, Cindy.

C: Thank you. I appreciate it.

N: All right, we'll talk to you soon. 

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