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High-Tech Meets Sun Safety: My UV Patch is Back

High-Tech Meets Sun Safety: La Roche-Posay's My UV Patch is Back!

Sun protection is no joke, but if we’re not mindful, it’s easy to put it on the wayside when at home or in the office. Enter La Roche-Posay’s My UV Patch: a water-resistant, stretchable skin sensor designed to track and record your UV exposure. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering how much sun exposure you’re really getting on a daily basis, and My UV Patch has the answers! For a limited time, you can purchase any two La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreens and receive the My UV Patch, a $30 value, completely free!

What is My UV Patch?

Small, transparent and thinner than the average strand of hair, My UV Patch is a uniquely designed patch that adheres seamlessly to the skin. When applied to an area that regularly sees sun exposure, such as the back of the hand or forearm, My UV Patch tracks your personal UV exposure as you go about the day, whether it be at the office or relaxing by the pool. By scanning the patch with the smartphone app throughout the day, the patch is able to track exposure and provide insight into how much exposure you’re receiving and how often to reapply sunscreen.

How does My UV Patch work?

The first method of action is to download the My UV Patch app using the App Store or Google Play Store. Once that’s complete, the app and patch work together with your skin tone and type to determine your phototype, which refers to how sensitive your skin is to sunburn. The app then takes this information and uses it to create helpful tips and tricks to guide you through smart sun protection measures. By prompting you to scan the patch throughout the day, it is able to let you know how much sun you’re getting as well as when it’s time to apply more sunscreen.

How do I use My UV Patch?

1. Wear the patch for five days straight.

My UV Patch should be worn 24 hours a day for five consecutive days. Don’t worry—you’ll barely feel it! Not only was the patch designed for maximum comfort, but it’s also completely waterproof, stretchable and tested on the most sensitive skin. This length of time helps you get a better idea of how much sun you’re exposed to on a day-to-day basis. Then, you can use the information to adjust your sun protection choices in the future!

2. Apply sunscreen as you normally would, including over the patch.

To get the best results, treat the patch just like your skin. Applying sunscreen over the patch will ensure you receive the most accurate readings. A few of our favorites are the La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk for everyday sun protection, La Roche-Posay Anthelios AOX Daily Antioxidant Serum with Sunscreen SPF 50 for protection that improves visible signs of aging and the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral Gentle Sunscreen Lotion for those with the most sensitive skin.

Bonus: The Anthelios Mineral Gentle Sunscreen Lotion is a reef-safe sunscreen, making it perfect for those traveling to the beach!

3. Download the app and allow push notifications to remind you when to scan.

When you’re having fun in the sun, remembering to reapply SPF can be a challenge. Let the app give you a friendly reminder! We recommend setting notifications for between one and two hours.

4. Always scan in natural sunlight.

To get the best reading, a natural source of sunlight is ideal. When the lighting is slightly off, the reading may not be the most accurate. If you’re already outside or near a window, you should be set to scan!

5. Follow the recommendations!

With each scan, the My UV Patch gets to know you (and your sun protection habits) a little better. Check out the tips and tricks it gives and establish good sun care habits that will pay off in the long run!

6. Have fun!

My UV Patch is a revolutionary way to educate yourself and others about the importance of sun protection, and wearing it means you get to be part of it! Show off your patch to friends and family to spread the word!

Want to learn more about My UV Patch? Check out this video!

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