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The Surprising Way Your Phone is Aging You

The Surprising Way Your Phone is Aging You

Whether we’re in the waiting room, on the subway, between meetings at work or relaxing on the couch, we’re always looking at our phones. Technology has a much more prominent presence in our lives than it did even 10 years ago. We’re also starting to see how staring down at our phones is taking a toll on our skin. It’s a new sign of aging called “tech neck” and it’s sweeping our generation.

Technology is a Pain in the Neck

On average, we stare at our cell phones for almost three hours a day. Looking down at your cell phone, laptop or tablet can cause a loss of firmness in the neck area called “tech neck.” This sign of aging is characterized by sagging skin, drooping jowls and deeper creases above the clavicle.

The skin on the neck is much thinner and more prone to wrinkling. Constantly looking down at your phone creates folds in the skin, which eventually become deep wrinkles. Prolonged periods of looking down also put additional stress on the muscles and nerves in your neck, which can do damage over time.

Your Head is Heavier Than You Think

You may not notice it at the time, but your neck works hard to support your head, especially when it’s held at an angle. The head normally weighs about 10 pounds when the spine is straight. But when you’re holding your head at a 45-degree angle to look down at your phone, the head weighs about 49 pounds. That’s a lot of extra weight to put on your neck.

Take a Stand Against “Tech Neck”

Luckily, there are ways to prevent technology from taking a toll on your neck. First things first, consider your posture when you’re checking email, sending texts or perusing social media. Hold your device higher than normal—ideally at eye level or in a neutral position where you don’t have to tilt your head. This can make a big difference in preventing unnecessary signs of aging, as well as bad posture over time. It also helps to limit the time you spend on your phone or tablet. If you’re working on a laptop, always sit at a desk and place the monitor at eye level to encourage good posture.

Don’t Neglect Your Neck

If you’re already seeing signs of “tech neck,” the good news is there are treatments that can help. You’ll want to look for a firming cream with active ingredients that help stimulate collagen and elastin production. Our favorite treatment for the neck area is NeoStrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream. This neck cream builds volume, firms sagging skin and creates a more even tone with active ingredients like Pro-Amino Acid, NeoCitriate, NeoGlucosamine and apple stem cell extract.

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