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DermaNail Nail Conditioner 1 oz

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Product Overview

Product Overview

Prevent dry, brittle nails and promote longer growth with this conditioner.

DermaNail Nail Conditioner helps heal and prevent cosmetic nail problems caused by other dermatologic conditions. The gentle formula works to control splitting, peeling, cracking, chipping and breaking.

This DermaNail conditioner is formulated to revitalize your lackluster fingertips.

Developed by a dermatology research team, this conditioner targets common cosmetic nail problems. Its unique, patented technology encourages longer, stronger growth to repair brittle and damaged tips. This conditioner is not a quick fix for problems. It can take 8 to 16 weeks to enjoy healthy natural nails from this product, but the full results are worth the wait.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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LovelySkin Customer

Verified Purchase

September 11, 2020

Love DermaNail!

I struggled for years with vertical splits in several of my nails. I tried multiple products over several years to help heal the splits that were catching on everything! DermaNail doesn’t permanently heal the split nail, but when used consistently dramatically reduces splitting nails. Please never stop selling DermaNail!

Profile picture of Highspot.


Verified Purchase

August 17, 2020

So far so good

1/4 of my thumb nail on my left hand had stopped growing so there was always a v there that would snag on things . I have been using Derma nail for a almost a month twice a day and that portion of the nail is now growing. I think as long as I continue to use it it will work.

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LovelySkin Customer

Verified Purchase

August 01, 2020

Good stuff

I had broken brittle shingling nails and took biotin for years with no results. After using DermaNails for 6 months a noticeable improvement! Great stuff. Only wish the application was a brush. This eye drop applicator not so good.

Profile picture of PattyAnn.


Verified Purchase

July 25, 2020


Have used this for 9 months, my nails are still brittle, is there anything that I need to do, I’m using the cuticle treatment and Cutemol, I use these several times daily. If there is something other than this to do please let me know.

Profile picture of SkyeH.


Verified Purchase

July 09, 2020

Maybe too early to tell

since the product needs 6-18 weeks to show a change, I think after 3 weeks using it, and seeing no appreciable difference, it is just too soon to say. It doesn't hurt, it's easy to use, but I'm still waiting for results.

Profile picture of MissKat.


Verified Purchase

July 01, 2020

Great Nail Product!

I started using this product about 3 weeks ago so I am sure I haven't seen the complete results yet, but I can already see a change in the condition of my nails! They haven't been peeling or breaking and I am starting to see some length again. I find this very easy to use and just plan a time, especially in the morning, where I can leave in on for an hour without washing my hands. I use it at night about an hour before I go to bed, then wash my hands when I wake up. It seems to soak in and dry fairly quickly. I plan to continue using this and will update this review after some more time passes. As for right now....this is 5 star product! Worth every penny!

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LovelySkin Customer

Verified Purchase

June 20, 2020

The only product that has helped

I always had week nails but 20 years of acrylics made them so much worse. I ditched the acrylic and dips and have been struggling for over a year to restore my nails using various creams and oils. Three months ago my dermatologist recommended this product and my nails are showing noticeable improvement.

Profile picture of PAC.


Verified Purchase

June 12, 2020

Miracle Nail Fix

Derma nail works great. It is not a quick fix. If used daily it works great!

Profile picture of Saxy.


Verified Purchase

June 11, 2020

Not seeming to work this time

I've use Derma Nail in the past, but it's not seeming to be working this time. I am taking Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins and am using Dermelect fortifying nail and cuticle treatment as well and nothing is helping. My nails are peeling worse than ever. They are painfully short. I'll just keep trying.

Profile picture of AngDen11.


Verified Purchase

May 30, 2020


I really like the fact they tell you this isn’t a “quick fix” & you must use the product for at least 8 weeks to see results. So many others promise to “fix things in a few weeks” -frustrating! I’ve been using this twice a day for almost 8 weeks & I can tell a difference in my nails. They seem to be growing more even & not splitting so much. I’m looking forward to seeing more results as I continue to use this product

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LovelySkin Customer

Verified Purchase

March 13, 2020

Great Product

I've been using DermaNail for 19 months and it is the only product that has kept my nails moisturized. The ridges are there but reduced and I am getting only an occasional split. I highly recommend DermaNail, especially seniors (like me)

Profile picture of Laure.


Verified Purchase

January 12, 2020

Works with Continued Use

This is the only thing I've tried that really does improve my nails from being brittle. It especially helps one nail that perpetually will split from the tip toward quick on one side. But, you have to use it continuously or the problem recurs.

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LovelySkin Customer

Verified Purchase

September 20, 2019



Profile picture of ChooseJesus.


Verified Purchase

September 03, 2019

Made my nails grow.

My nails would always split in layers never growing past the pink of my nail. As soon as the white of my nail would show they would separate the top layer from the bottom layer therefore making my nail very weak. Used this diligently as instructed, at 8 weeks saw improvement, but at the 12 week point, I have nails. I understand you have to keep using it in order for it to work, if you quit they will go back. I read that this stuff helps your nails to retain moisture. It's definitely helped mine.

Profile picture of tonkadq.


Verified Purchase

August 23, 2019

Nails are better

Takes a few weeks but my nails are definitely stronger & not splitting as easily.

Profile picture of MplsPibbleLVR.


Verified Purchase

August 13, 2019

Strong Nails

This is easy to use! Once in the morning and once at night. In less than 3 weeks, you will notice a difference. 3 months and you will be astounded. No fake nails for this gal.

Profile picture of Bexy.


Verified Purchase

June 08, 2019

Hoping for the best

Very easy to apply, hoping it will make my nails stop splitting.

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LovelySkin Customer

Verified Purchase

January 10, 2019

Be patient, this works!

I bought DermaNail a few months ago but waited to write this review because you definitely need to give this product time to work...but it really does work! I've always had weak nails that split across the top. Nothing has ever helped them. I began using DermaNail and as they say on the bottle, it's not a quick fix. This isn't designed to strengthen existing nails, but it seems to really help new nail grow in stronger. My nails have all grown in strong, and I can keep the length longer than before. I''ve also noticed that the tips are a brighter white (they used to be translucent/yellow). I love it when something you''re skeptical about actually works!!

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LovelySkin Customer

Verified Purchase

December 02, 2018

I didn't get it

I just didn't get it. I was applying it for a month, it dried out my skin around nails, but did nothing to my nails. It feels and smells like vodka. How does it actually work? Maybe, I just don't have such a problem to deal with by using this thing. I don't know. Personally, I prefer oils for nails.

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LovelySkin Customer

Verified Purchase

September 17, 2018

DermaNail Nail Conditioner

I just starting using DermaNail Nail Conditioners as well as the Cutemol Emollient Cream. Thus, not enough time has gone by to perform a proper review. I use this every morning and evening. In the evening, I use both products as well as the Allderm Cotton Gloves I purchased at LovelySkin. Nevertheless, I have high hopes for this product and will post an update in the near future.

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