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LovelySkin Cares: Dr. and Nancy Schlessinger Travel to Cuba

LovelySkin Cares: Dr. and Nancy Schlessinger Travel to Cuba

Lending a helping hand to those who need it most is one of our core values at LovelySkin. In January, Dr. Schlessinger and his wife Nancy made their way to Cuba with the Jewish Federations® of North America to bring medical supplies, medications and household necessities to the people in need there.

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The Jewish Federations® of North America helps provide crisis relief to countries who are in urgent need of basics like food and medicines, as well as longer-term necessities like trauma counseling. Recent trips have taken the organization to Israel, Ukraine, Nepal, as well as lending help to those right here in the United States after recent hurricanes and subsequent flooding.

Nancy Schlessinger said the experience was incredibly special to her and reminded her of other humanitarian efforts. She says,

“The last time we went on a humanitarian mission we were in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010, so going to Cuba brought back memories of that moment, especially since they are still recovering from Hurricane Irma. Their needs are less immediate than long-term, but the experience was similar in some ways as we came out with a huge amount of admiration for the people of Cuba and their potential.”

During this trip to Cuba, they supplied pharmacies with antibacterial ointment, 600 tubes of FixMySkin Healing Balm Unscented with 1% Hydrocortisone, boxes of medical syringes, flashlights and batteries.

While in Cuba, they took a few interesting side trips. Dr. Schlessinger and Nancy stopped into a rations store.enter image description here

Outside the store, they visited with a man who shared a view of his ration card.enter image description here

They toured the city of Havana, took in the sights and met many wonderful people there, including meeting people in the park, visiting with a local shopkeeper, checking out a typical Cuban apartment and observing how they dry their tablecloths at local restaurants.enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

Reflecting on the trip, Dr. Schlessinger says,

“I was impressed with the beauty of Cuba and the dedication of the people we met to making things better there. They are a very poor people but they have immense pride in their country and are optimistic about the future. It was an emotional and uplifting experience.”

enter image description hereenter image description here

Charitable giving to any community in need is always a priority for Dr. Schlessinger and the team at LovelySkin. There is so much work left to do, but we are determined to make a difference.

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MaryB - February 02, 2018

Thank you for sharing I love how you all make a difference. I traveled to Cuba last summer, and your photos bring back memories of my trip. I was there 2 weeks before the flood came that washed through the "casa" where I stayed and places I visited. The Cuban people are lovely and amazingly resilient and so deserving of aid. Thank you and the Jewish Federation for caring and acting!


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