Kybella and Dr. Joel Schlessinger on The Morning Blend

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Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Kybella and Dr. Schlessinger featured on The Morning Blend

There’s finally a non-invasive treatment for double chin! Recently, Dr. Schlessinger spoke to Mary and Mike from KMTV’s The Morning Blend about this exciting new procedure, Kybella.

Kybella is an injectable treatment that helps to dissolve fat below the jawline to minimize the appearance of a double chin. Dr. Schlessinger and his staff at The Advanced Skin Research Center worked on the initial trials for this drug starting in 2008, seeing it through to FDA approval.

“Kybella is very simple, very easy and can reduce the chin in anywhere from three to five treatments, resulting in a very nice profile,” Dr. Schlessinger said.

Although this is a new treatment, the science behind Kybella has been around for ages. It’s something called sodium deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is part of bile, which is naturally found in our stomachs, and it dissolves fat much like when we eat food. The manufacturers of Kybella have also removed one of the ingredients that didn’t make the treatment great. The end result is a treatment that is very simple and easy for many patients to undergo.

“Usually people have anywhere from two to five treatments,” Dr. Schlessinger said. “If you have a small chin, you may even see results in as little as two to three treatments.”

Kybella is an excellent alternative to liposuction for double chin.

Before we had Kybella, liposuction was one of the only options to minimize the appearance of a double chin. The downside to liposuction is that there is a little bit of downtime involved because you have to wear a chin strap for three days. With Kybella, downtime isn’t an issue.

“With Kybella, it’s completely non-invasive,” Dr. Schlessinger said. “It’s about 10 little injections and you’re done. You can go on your way.”

Dr. Schlessinger also added that there is a little bit of swelling after the procedure, but this can easily be covered with a scarf or turtleneck.

Even patients who weren’t good candidates for liposuction can see results with Kybella. If you’ve always wanted to address your chin area but don’t have enough fat in this area for liposuction, you could be a great candidate for Kybella.

“It is really something that people who have wanted to do something about their chin and neck area for ages can finally do something,” Dr. Schlessinger said. He also added that his patients have found Kybella to be truly life-changing!

You’ll enjoy a much nicer profile with Kybella.

Kybella can reduce the appearance of a double chin in three to five easy treatments. The entire procedure is so simple that it’s done in about five to ten minutes. You’ll see a much nicer profile, even after just two treatments. It’s a great option for both women and men. This is one of those procedures that Dr. Schlessinger has even seen a lot of men interested in improving themselves.

With selfies becoming a daily habit, Dr. Schlessinger said many people are turning to non-invasive procedures like Kybella to improve their appearance.

“We’re in the selfie era,” he said. Most people feel like their flaws are on full display when taking a selfie. Dr. Schlessinger shared how Kybella can change that.

“I think that is perhaps the most perfect marriage of Kybella and the selfie. It’s a simple treatment you can have done over a day or even a weekend.”

Because we’re already bundling up with scarves, now is the perfect time of year to consider Kybella. It’s a great treatment to prepare for a big event like a wedding or party. Much like Botox, we recommend scheduling a little time between your treatment and the big day. Although the swelling is minimal, you wouldn’t want a Kybella treatment the day before you walk down the aisle.

For more information about Kybella or to set up a free consultation with Skin Specialists, P.C., call 402-334-7546.

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