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  • Connect to Brilliant Distinctions by providing LovelySkin with your BD email address.
  • Earn BD rewards on SkinMedica purchases at LovelySkin and on participating Allergan treatments like Botox or CoolSculpting.
  • Redeem BD rewards on SkinMedica purchases at LovelySkin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brilliant Distinctions?

Brilliant Distinctions (BD) is an affiliate rewards program by Allergan with more than 3 million members. The BD program rewards its members with savings for receiving treatments such as BOTOX, Latisse and CoolSculpting, as well as purchases of participating products like SkinMedica. Members are then eligible to redeem these rewards points for savings on future treatments and product purchases.

What products can I earn Brilliant Distinctions points on at LovelySkin?

You can earn BD points on any SkinMedica product purchase at You must have a LovelySkin account and purchase SkinMedica products to earn BD points.

What is the point conversion for SkinMedica products?

With every $150 spent on SkinMedica products, you'll earn 100 Brilliant Distinctions points. 100 BD points equate to $10 in rewards off any SkinMedica product purchase at

Does Brilliant Distinctions have membership tiers?

Yes! BD offers three membership tiers. As you accrue points within a calendar year, you'll have the opportunity to earn bonus points and gifts as you progress to higher tiers:


0 - 599 points

Earn points on products and treatments, receive special offers and bonus points on your BD anniversary.


600 - 1199 points

Earn 50 bonus points on participating treatments as well as a SkinMedica Gift.


1200+ points

Earn 100 bonus points on participating treatments and a SkinMedica gift. Points will not expire.

Do Brilliant Distinctions points expire?

Brilliant Distinctions rewards expire nine months after the last time you earned BD points. If you maintain Diamond Status, your points will not expire.

How do I get enrolled in Brilliant Distinctions?

If you’re new to Brilliant Distinctions, enrolling is simple! Visit, enter in the appropriate information and click Join Today! Once you are enrolled in the Brilliant Distinctions program, you can begin to earn points on SkinMedica purchases at LovelySkin by connecting your Brilliant Distinctions account with your LovelySkin account.

How do I connect my Brilliant Distinctions Account with my LovelySkin Account?

To connect your accounts, you must have a Brilliant Distinctions account - as well as a LovelySkin Account. Simply log into your LovelySkin account, visit the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards account page and provide your Brilliant Distinctions account credentials. That's it! You'll be connected and can start earning and redeeming rewards on SkinMedica purchases at

LovelySkin will honor Brilliant Distinctions point accrual for any SkinMedica purchase that was made in the last 14 days upon initial entry of your Brilliant Distinctions email address associated with your Brilliant Distinctions account.

When will I get my Brilliant Distinctions points?

LovelySkin will issue Brilliant Distinctions points to your Brilliant Distinctions account within 7 business days after your purchased SkinMedica products have shipped. Since Brilliant Distinctions is an Allergan-sponsored rewards program, LovelySkin is not responsible for the points process after we have applied them to your Brilliant Distinctions account. You will receive an email from Brilliant Distinctions when your points have been issued and are ready to use.

How do I redeem my Brilliant Distinctions points?

The more you earn, the more you can save! Once you earn at least 100 Brilliant Distinctions points, you may redeem them on any SkinMedica product purchase at LovelySkin. Rewards apply to SkinMedica products only and cannot be applied towards tax or shipping. To use your Brilliant Distinctions points, be sure to log in to your LovelySkin account and connect to your Brilliant Distinctions account. Once connected, your Brilliant Distinctions rewards will be available as a payment option at checkout. Still have questions? Contact our customer care team to learn more.

Important: Once your LovelySkin order is placed, Brilliant Distinctions points are non-refundable. Points will not be reinstated for order cancellations, returns or exchanges. Special circumstances will require investigation.

Why won't my rewards apply towards my purchase?

Rewards converted from points

If you have visited your Brilliant Distinctions account and converted your points to a reward, Brilliant Distinctions requires the full amount of your reward be used on your product purchase. If the total dollar amount of your eligible BD cart items is lower than your reward, your reward will not apply to your purchase. You have the option to visit your account on and cancel the reward. This will convert the reward back to points and give you more flexibilty with your SkinMedica purchase on

Brilliant Distinctions Points

BD points will be applied to your order by rounding down to the nearest 100 points or $10 increments. For example, if you have 347 BD points, you may use 300 of those points, which equates to $30 off SkinMedica products in your LovelySkin order.

Auto-Replenish Orders

Brilliant Distinctions points and/or rewards are not currently available as an automatically recurring order payment method.

Can I earn LovelySkin rewards points and Brilliant Distinctions points on the same purchase?

Yes! You can earn both Brilliant Distinctions points and LovelySkin rewards points on any SkinMedica purchase.

Please Note

LovelySkin offers Brilliant Distinctions as a service to its customers. The Brilliant Distinctions program is a third party rewards program owned and operated by Allergan Pharmaceuticals. View Brilliant Distinctions terms and conditions here. LovelySkin cannot be held liable for any transaction with Allergan, SkinMedica or Brilliant Distinctions.

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