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DerMend at LovelySkin

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N: Hello everyone and welcome back. I’m Natasha and today I have the honor of speaking with Betsy and Ann who are here from Ferndale who is a company that makes this product called DerMend. I mean, this stuff, you may be have never heard of it if you’re not someone who is familiar with bruising or has to deal with those things. This might not be on your radar but this is a fantastic product for just really everybody. I love it. So, bruise cream, a lot of people are going ‘why do I even need to worry about a bruise cream,’ or ‘oh, I didn’t know they made a bruise cream,” so let’s kind of talk about both of those things. One, why a bruise cream?

A: Well, this was developed originally for people who are 45 and older who find that they’re prone to bruising and most of it is caused by, you know, a lot of sun damage that they had and they find that all of a sudden bruises appear and they don’t even know how they got the bruise, so it wasn’t due to an incident. So we developed this product for those people, so to use to help prevent the appearance of bruising so that they can start wearing short sleeves and shorts again and being active and not feeling old.

N: Okay now I have to say, I realize that’s why you developed the product but I personally, I love this product. I kick box and I throw elbows at a bag all the time and this I think is a really great product for that. And I know that in Dr. Schlessinger’s clinic we see a lot of people using this product post procedure so when they get a filler or they’re getting injections of some sort or whatever the case may be, this is a really good go-to for them, so we use it a lot in our clinic. Is that something that you see? I mean maybe it wasn’t indicated for that but is that something you hear about?

B: Well the formula itself is designed for bruising of all kinds, so the vitamin K, the arnica, the ceramides, the retinol, glycolic acid and niacinamide all work together to improve the appearance of bruises, so that can be any types of bruises.

N: That makes sense. Okay, so question now is that this is a little bit different formulation so this is a much more like a lotion than a lot of other bruise treatments. Can you talk to me about that and why it would be good for that?

A: Well the intended use of it is not just to put it on the bruise but the whole area that’s prone to bruising. And so a lot of people who are prone to like their whole arms and their hands or their legs and so the purpose is to use it twice a day, morning and night. Put it on the whole area that’s prone to bruising and use it consistently every single day and they’ll find that they’re not getting as many bruises. It’s in a wonderful ceramide base, that’s what makes it a wonderful moisturizing lotion.

N: Okay nice, I love it. This is definitely something that we recommend you check out. If you’ve, you know you’ve got a big event coming up and you stumble and hit your knee on something, this is a fantastic product for something like that. So we encourage you to check this out. Thank you so much for being here with us.

B: Thank you.

A: Thank you for having us.

N: We love it when we can ask questions, just go straight to the source so thank you.

A: Thank you.

N: And if you have questions, feel free to check out the product online, contact Customer Care, email, chat, all those different things so thanks for watching.

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