NuFACE at LovelySkin

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NuFACE at LovelySkin

Learn more about NuFACE with Senior Brand Educator, Rachel Vicknair.

Special Event: NuFACE at LovelySkin

Video Summary

N: Hello everybody! I'm Natasha and today we have with us a special guest, Rachel Vicknair, who is a trainer with NuFACE. You may or may not know what NuFACE is but Rachel's here to tell us. This is a fantastic device. I'm really excited about this. So, start me out. What is NuFACE?

R: NuFACE is the leading innovator of clinically proven at-home anti-aging devices, really used by women to look and feel more beautiful. The technology that we're most known for is microcurrent technology, which is actually a really low level current that mimics our body's own current and works with it to improve facial contour, to improve skin tone and improve wrinkle reduction. The unique thing about it is that it actually works with muscles. Just like we have muscles in our body that we need to work out and take to the gym to keep firm and toned, our face has muscles as well. And so when you use microcurrent on the face, you tend to address those muscles and you get firming and toning and contouring. Who doesn't want that, right?

N: Right? That sounds fantastic. Okay so if I'm going to use this, what kind of--I mean, there are a lot of devices on the market--so what kind of results can I expect with something like this? 

R: In our clinical study, we had subjects that used the device for just five minutes a day for 60 consecutive days and what they saw was improved facial contouring, toning, lifting and, again, reducing wrinkles. NuFACE really becomes the exercise so think of skin care as the nutrition, which we're all really good at skin care. We're eating right, we're doing what it takes to feed our skin. Microcurrent and NuFACE really becomes the fitness. Think of it as fitness for your face. Adding that exercise component to not only give your skin that nice finish on the outside but really to firm and tone it from the inside. 

N: Nice. Now, I'm looking at all the pieces here and you've got this device, which is the main device. We've also got these little pieces. Can you walk me through the differences?

R: Yes, so this is the NuFACE Trinity with the Facial Trainer attachment. This attachment is really going to be used for the larger surface areas of the face. So you'll use this along the jaw line, along the cheekbone and on the forehead. Our next great attachment is the ELE, which with these innovative treatment wands now you can use microcurrent in the eye area. Who wants to improve the eye area, right? You can use it underneath the eye, you can use it below the brow, you can lift the brow with it. You can also use the ELE on the mouth area, so around the lips to lift the lip area, underneath the lips and those nasal labial folds. And lastly, we have the Wrinkle Reducer, which I like to call the spot treatment for wrinkles. You hold the Wrinkle Reducer, which features red light therapy, exactly over the fine line or wrinkle in the area that you want to treat and it just takes three minutes per area. 

N: Okay well all of that sounds amazing. Thank you so much and, for all of you who are watching, there's information on the website, there's a video if you want to learn how to use this exactly and it talks about the attachments and different sizes and things like that. You can also call Customer Care, you can email us, you can live chat, and I appreciate you watching. Thank you [Rachel] very much for being here and we'll see you next time!

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