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Why Is My Skin So Dry in Winter and What Can I Do to Help It?

Why Is My Skin So Dry in Winter and What Can I Do to Help It?

Dry skin can be a problem the whole year round, but in winter it’s so much worse. As if the dry winter air weren’t enough, chances are that some things you do every day without thinking are adding to the problem. If you’re asking yourself why your skin gets so dry in winter, we’ll show you some easy fixes so you can find relief.

1. Take lukewarm showers.

We know, hot showers feel great in the winter, but they also sap moisture from your skin like nothing else. Hot water excels in stripping your skin of its natural oils, especially when you spend a lot of time luxuriating under that stream. Instead of cranking up the heat and settling in, shower in lukewarm water and time yourself for 5 minutes—your skin will thank you!

2. Try an overnight mask.

Hot air is dry air, so if you’re setting the thermostat on high before you go to sleep, you’re losing vital moisture throughout the night. You can counteract this by installing a humidifier to keep the air in your home moist, and wearing a sleep mask at night. We love Exuviance Overnight Recovery Masque because it deeply replenishes your skin’s moisture reserves with a refreshing water-gel texture, while a blend of amino acids and botanical extracts works to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier.

Exuviance Overnight Recovery Masque

3. Don't be afraid to exfoliate.

If you shy away from scrubbing for fear of harming your dry, sensitive skin, we get it. You should know, though, that physical exfoliators have come a long way since the scratchy scrubs we all know so well. Take LovelySkin LUXE Microdermabrasion Polish, for example—this advanced exfoliating cream gently smooths away dull skin cells with bamboo, jojoba and diatomaceous spheres, while caper bud and orange extracts calm redness and soothe sensitive skin. You’re left with a soft, smooth and even complexion.

LovelySkin LUXE Microdermabrasion Polish

4. Switch to a winter moisturizer.

As the air outside gets drier and colder, that holdover summer moisturizer you’re still using probably won’t cut it any more. One of our favorite winter moisturizers is ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich. With its luxuriously emollient texture and power-packed anti-aging ingredients, this moisturizer smooths fine lines and wrinkles, protects your complexion from the elements and keeps moisture where it should be—in your skin.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich

5. Pick the right time to moisturize.

While choosing the right moisturizer is definitely important, you also have to pick the right time to apply it. We recommend reaching for Replenix Smoothing Body Lotion right after bathing, when you skin is still damp. This helps seal in moisture, while the blend of antioxidants, caffeine and all-trans retinol penetrate deeply to firm, brighten and protect skin from free radical damage. As a bonus, this lotion also smooths the appearance of cellulite.

Replenix Smoothing Body Lotion

How are you keeping your skin from getting so dry in winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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