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5 Strange Reasons You're Breaking Out

5 Strange Reasons You're Breaking Out

Do you have your skin care routine down pat, but you’re still waking up to an angry red blemish on your face a couple times a month? It might be time to play a game of trial and error called Why Am I Breaking Out? Here are five things to think about when it comes to unexplained acne.

1). Your diet needs an overhaul.

Dairy products have been directly linked to acne flare-ups due to the natural and added hormones found in cow’s milk. In milk-drinkers, these hormones can cause an over-production of oil and lead to clogged pores and breakouts. You can develop this reaction to dairy at any time in childhood or adulthood, so it’s important not to immediately rule it out as a cause for acne.

Quick fix: Almond milk makes a healthy and delicious substitute to dairy milk. Simply switching to organic milk or skim milk is not the best option since skim milk actually contains more hormones due to the lack of fat and organic milk still contains natural hormones.

2). You’re not cleaning your phone.

It’s said that smartphones have the potential to carry more bacteria than a toilet seat. It makes sense when you think about it since we’re always touching doorknobs, money and other infamously germy objects and then texting and browsing on our phones. When you rest your phone against your cheek, all those bacteria could be coming into contact with your face and working their way into pores.

Quick fix: Make sure you sanitize your phone daily—the more the better! You should also avoid borrowing phones from others or letting them touch your phone if possible. Use headphones or an earpiece if you find yourself on long phone calls often.

3). You’re not changing your sheets.

You’re about to start noticing a pattern: it’s absolutely crucial to keep the things that come into contact with your skin daily clean. A dirty pillowcase can house an invisible film of oil, hair products, skin cells and other impurities, which can then easily irritate skin and clog pores overnight. The same goes for unwashed sheets and body acne.

Quick fix: We recommend changing your sheets at least once a week, and your pillowcase more often if possible. Remember, a soft t-shirt can work as a makeshift pillowcase in a pinch. When you cleanse, go in with makeup remover first, then choose a formula with gentle exfoliators like salicylic acid and glycolic acid. This will prevent breakouts and ensure you’re going to bed with exceptionally clean skin.

Try: LovelySkin LUXE Clarifying Gel Cleanser

LovelySkin LUXE Clarifying Gel Cleanser

4). You’re not cleaning your makeup brushes.

Be honest: when’s the last time you gave your makeup brushes a good, thorough cleaning? Many of us slack in this area, but the buildup of oil, old makeup, skin cells and bacteria in unwashed brushes can easily clog pores and irritate skin, causing acne and worse skin infections like staph.

Quick fix: Give your brushes a spritz and wipe-down with brush cleaner a couple times a week, and give them a deep cleanse with brush shampoo as often as possible, preferably every week. As an extra precaution, replace your tools often, at least every six months.

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jane iredale Truly Pure Shampoo & Conditioner

5). You’re not washing your face after you work out.

Working up a sweat can mean an onslaught of oil, and if you’re working out in a communal gym, it can mean an onslaught of germs. These can clog pores, irritate skin and cause breakouts, especially on the body. If you’re wearing tight clothing, sweat and oil can get trapped, and the warm environment can easily cause bacteria to multiply.

Quick fix: It’s best to shower directly after working out with an anti-bacterial body wash, but if this isn’t possible, cleansing cloths can be a convenient hold-over. No matter what, change out of sweaty clothes as soon as possible after exercising.

Try: CLn SportWash

CLn SportWash

Will you try these tips to prevent acne? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #LovelySkin!

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